Witch hats are a typical symbol for Halloween along with black cats, skeletons, etc. If you’re shooting for an elegant Hallowe’en table setting, then you have to have an elegant Witch Hat party favor. I think these turned out really well.

I wasn’t sure exactly how I was going to put these together but ended up using styrofoam cones, a pretty paisley victorian fabric in black and white, some small steel pins, shoe clips, foam board, a glue gun and potpourri. My Hubby made a pattern for the fabric and then I cut out one piece for each cone along the salvage. The extra salvage fabric would be the additional fabric needed to wrap the cone securely.

Next, the selvage edge was pinned to the cone with the little steel pins. Then the fabric was wrapped around the cone and pinned on that selvage edge.

I cut three strands of wire about 5 – 6 inches in length and wrapped them together to make one strand. That strand was inserted into the top of the cone.

I folded the fabric around the extended wire covering it and pinning it securely. You could also hot glue it or use a needle and thread to secure it.

I started with a two inch ribbon but realized it would not lie flat around the cone so I folded it in half and that worked well. I secured the ribbon with pins and folded in the end to give it a nice finish.

The next step was to add the shoe clips that I found at the Thrift Store. These were pinned on with the little steel pins and look great with the fabric and the ribbon. I bent the wire in the top of the hat into a cute little witchy bend to soften the look of the hat.

Hats need brims so I used a fruit dessert bowl to outline a circle for the brim. The brims were then cut from black foam board. You’ll notice that the black goes all the way through the board. Some are white on the inside so you can choose what will work best for you. I applied hot glue to the bottom of the cone and secured it to the center of the brim.

The brim was a little stark and when I set it on a black plate it disappeared. So I added some Potpourri using the glue gun and I was really happy with the outcome. I think they will look great on the table. You’ll see it at Halloween along with some other fun things I’ve made.

I love how they turned out. Give it a try. It’s pretty easy once you have the pattern done and everything assembled. The next craft is really easy and accomplished in just a few minutes.

Start with some wooden dowels. These were cut to be about 6 inches in length and then colored black with a permanent magic marker. Cut about 12 strands of raffia a bit longer than you need and bunch them together. Insert the dowel amongst the raffia strands. Wrap the strands and dowel with some wire and tighten. That’s it.

Insert the broom into the napkin ring and you have a really cute party favor.


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