Rain beating against the window, a cozy lamp lit room, and a stack of eclectic, old books…could there be a better way to spend an afternoon? My Hubby and I are both book collectors and have wide-ranging tastes in literature which makes for a rather eclectic collection. On this rainy afternoon I pulled some books from the shelf that I wanted to revisit. I like to read books more than once.

On an afternoon like this, I find a comfortable chair with the books close at hand on a convenient table and add a beautiful candle and small bunch of flowers. The surroundings are important, if you are truly going to relax and enter into a world of words. Books take you to places where you can’t physically travel. Books cross the boundaries of time plunging you into the Medieval world of “The Canterbury Tales” or looking for head hunters in the Solomon Islands. How about traveling to New England with Louisa May Alcott to learn how her students grew up and conducted their lives. “Jo’s Boys” takes you on that adventure. Or, perhaps, you want to fly across the ocean to England and a ghost story that became one of the first films about a ghostly haunting of an old English house by the sea. “The Uninvited” is supposedly based on an actual ghostly experience.

When I looked at this picture it seemed as if something was missing to make it complete. What else was needed to have a wonderful afternoon exploring old friends and new acquaintances?

Of course, a glass of wine or perhaps a cup of tea was necessary to complete this cozy afternoon of reading.

The setting is perfect, the books compelling and I can’t think of a better way to spend a few hours. I hope you have an opportunity to enjoy some quiet moments with your favorite book.


6 thoughts on “Rainy Day Book Vignette

  1. Lovely vignette! I lay down to read–a siesta to relieve my knee and back pain so I can avoid the acetominaphen!

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