Blue and white is a favorite color combination when setting a table for any season. This end of Summer tablescape incorporates two dish patterns for a cool, calm, look when it is still warm and muggy outside.

The plate stack is really simple alternating white with blue and white. I started with a porcelain charger and then used a patterned blue and white dinner plate. That was followed by a white dessert plate and then a double-handled soup bowl and soup plate in the same pattern as the dinner plate. Here you can see one of my favorite “fan” silver-plate patterns.

Here are close-ups of the china used. I really like the flowered pattern of the blue and white dishes. The pattern is “Gay Day” by Wood & Sons of England. It has a modern feel to the pattern that I really like.

The centerpiece is composed of colorful bright colors in pinks, yellows and greens in a simple crystal container. They add lots of color to the table with the large, bright blooms.

The napkins, held in Waterford crystal napkin rings, echo the colors in the flowers and the blue of the tablecloth. They are made from a heavy cotton/linen blend.

Waterford water goblets and wine glasses complete the table setting. They are nice and solid and I think go well with a slightly more casual feel to the table.

Here’s an overhead view of the table. Everything works together to celebrate these last days of Summer.

Thought I’d share a peek at the dessert I used for this dinner party. Lemon muffins dusted with sugar were hollowed out while reserving the caps. The muffin “cups” were then filled with blueberries and topped with homemade whipped cream. Blueberries were sprinkled on top of the whipped cream and the cap was placed on top. They looked really sweet and tasted even better. I flavored the whipped cream with lemon.


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  1. Mmmm that dessert looks fabulous, and perfect for your lovely table! Thanks for ALL the inspiration! 🙂

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