As we move quickly towards the Fall season I’ve been pulling out some Fall decor for simple vignettes and displays around the house. Here you see an old metal tray with a wooden Handle filled with a variety of pumpkins, fruit and gourds in multiple Fall colors. It is set on a wooden table with no linens present to keep that pared down feel. The tray is flanked by two crystal vases filled with drying hydrangea. The hydrangea are a lovely green tinged with pink adding more colors of the season.

The uncomplicated vignette fits in well with the background of the room. A primitive Family painting hangs on the wall with some wooden candlesticks and a chakra bowl. On the hutch are hand thrown pottery plates and teapots with Fall flowers in a decorated Fall basket.

Here’s a better picture of the hutch with two floral offerings made from thrifted items. In the bottom right hand corner of the hutch is a pumpkin filled with sunflowers and grasses. It spreads the Fall colors to broaden the color impact throughout the hutch.

The main floral display is in the center of the hutch in a white basket decorated with Fall leaves. The white draws your eye to the arrangement and makes it stand out.

Here you can see the arrangement up close…how beautiful the basket looks with the Fall flowers. Behind the arrangement the hutch holds a collection of pottery plates and teapots in Fall colors and designs. Each of the teapots and plates tells a story and holds many memories. I love to display these in the Fall.

This last vignette highlights two of my favorite pieces set in front of a European mirror and resting on a Fall runner. The pitcher is a beautiful pottery piece found on a great vacation outing…in a Thrift Store. I love the way it spirals from the bottom to the top and the leaves are beautifully rendered. The green highlights are especially appealing to me. This is actually a pitcher as you can see by the pouring spout but I often use it for flowers. Just a few blooms are simple and beautiful.

The box was something picked up in Europe and is made of leather that has wonderful scroll work around the edges and a beautiful Italian scene that reminds me very much of Dante. Love the old-world quality of this piece.

The two pieces were paired with pillar candles and candlesticks and two glass cylinders I recently picked up at the Thrift Store. The Fall runner is also a Thrift Store find. The runner has the same variegated leaves as the pottery pitcher.

The flowers are astromelias, the flower of the Incas, and have wonderful brown streaks to pick up the colors in the box.

It was great fun putting these three vignettes together and bringing a taste of Fall to a beautiful Sunday morning.


8 thoughts on “Three Vignettes for Fall

  1. I really enjoyed your early fall decor! I tend to go from my July red/white/blue combos to Thanksgiving Fall! Your way is so much better! I have been crafting fall and Christmas, though–for my booth and for my church bazaar!

    1. Crafting for a booth and bazaar is a big undertaking. I wish you good luck on both those endeavors. I do like to ease into the Fall season as it seems that once Fall starts it’s a mad rush through the end of the year with little time to enjoy each holiday. I’m working to slow down a little and appreciate each season. Thanks for visiting nd commenting.

    1. The pitcher is one of my favorite finds and I try to bring it out often as its such a nice piece. I don’t know who the potter is but would love to find more pieces like this. Thanks for commenting.

  2. Love that box, Lynne. That is Dante and Beatrice (painting by Henry Holiday, 1883). I had a very old oil painting replica of that, which I had gotten from a local prominent estate. I gave it to someone in my family during my downsize, can’t even remember who! Pretty fall touches through your home. I did some a few weeks ago and am enjoying them, even though it’s still very much summer. A girl can wish!

    1. Rita, really appreciate the information about the painting. I will definitely be looking that up. I took a course on Dante’s work a couple of years ago and it was fascinating to learn about the politics of the time that are referenced in this magnificent literary work. I’ve been enjoying bringing a little Fall inside as, like your area, it’s still very hot and dry here. Looking forward to some cooler nights. Thanks for commenting.

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