Welcome, Friends, to Sunday Flowers. I put together a simple arrangement and placed it on an elegant silver tray. Just a simple setting to enjoy a cup of tea in the afternoon…a lovely respite in a busy day. Sundays are perfect for enjoying the garden, family, and a relaxed atmosphere. What better way to focus on the important things than sipping tea in a restful setting.

I repurposed the flowers I used last week. In the picture above you can see that they filled a beautiful crystal vase. The flowers were still blooming and looking great so I simply cut them down and rearranged them.

I used a white, stoneware teapot for the vase and took out the hydrangea and some of the carnations. Then I cut everything down so it would be a much lower arrangement. It worked out well. You can almost always give new life to your flowers by cutting them down and placing them in clean water mixed with flower food. These will last another week at least.

I placed the tray on the live edge table my Hubby made. I love how it looks against the new rug. I’ll be showing this whole room after the sofa comes this week. It’s always fun to have something new.

Looking down on the tea tray, you can see how nicely the silver and white show against the wood tones and the rug. The simple, two color, flower arrangement doesn’t detract from the simple setting.

I hope you find some time this Sunday to relax and enjoy the things that are most important to you. Perhaps you’ll be able to sip a cup of tea with a lovely flower arrangement nearby and have some time to reflect on the many good things we enjoy.


18 thoughts on “Sunday Flowers with Tea

  1. Perfect to showcase the carpet. Floral arrangements in tea pots, coffee pots, pitchers are fast becoming my favorite. Your 2-tone florals & accessories are perfect for the tea setting & photo shoot.

    1. Thanks, Robin. I am really enjoying the new carpet and can’t wait to show the whole room once the sofa arrives and everything gets reorganized. As you know, I do enjoy Afternoon Tea. thanks for visiting and commenting

  2. what a lovely afternoon with tea! I always get together with my mother and have tea and this remind me of that. Love the flowers and tea set.

    1. So lovely that you have tea with your Mother. I grew up with tea at breakfast, lunch and dinner. It was always a staple in out house. It brings back many happy memories with my Mom and Grandmother. Hope you continue to enjoy sharing the tradition. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

  3. Absolutely lovely! You did a fabulous job of rearranging your beautiful flowers, and I love the look with the silver and white against the dark table. You’ve totally inspired me to try something similar in my office – right after I put away all the boxes in there, get a slipcover for the couch, and a dark wood coffee table. šŸ¤£ Thanks for this gorgeous inspiration, and the beautiful moment in my day!

    1. Thanks so much, Barbara. I really enjoy flower arranging and sometimes it just comes together with little effort. Hope your office turns out. Making one change does seem to start an avalanche. LOL Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

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