I am so excited to be able to feature peonies in the centerpiece today. they are really my favorite flower and I have worked hard to grow them here in the South. My plants are blooming in the garden and I selected a few to bring indoors as I love to look at them. Welcome to the Blog today, Friends.

Peonies are such beautiful flowers and have such rich layers and wonderful colors its a pleasure to use them in arrangements. I added Dogwood branches and Lamb’s Ear to a cut crystal vase for this bouquet. Love how each shape is so striking and yet they all come together to form an interesting whole. The flowers sit on a deep blue tablecloth to really make the colors pop.

The place setting is blue, white and silver with a colorful napkin to tie in the centerpiece.

I started with a simple Mikasa charger in silver metal. The dinner plate is “Gay Day” by Wood & Sons and made in England. It is also used for the bread and butter plate. A simple silver edged white plate by Franciscan is used for the salad/dessert plate. I placed the very colorful napkin between the dinner and salad plates to pull the colors in from the centerpiece.

This gorgeous Wallace flatware with the bee insignia adds to the flower theme. After all…..bees like flowers.

The crystal comes from two different patterns. the first is a French water glass with a similar bee insignia . Love the footed bottom on this glass. The wine glass is a Mikasa pattern with a silver rim that echoes the rim around the salad plate. The stem on this glass is really pretty but simple.

Here’s an overhead view of the table. Silver mercury glass candlesticks flank the flowers and pick up the silver in the china and the crystal.

Another view of the whole table. I really liked how the flowers look against the blue and white china.

As you look across the table you can see in the background more flowers in the metal filagreed planter. I love having something pretty to look at all around the table.

Here’s a closer look at those flowers in their pretty stoneware pitchers. It reminds me of a cottage garden and looks so welcoming. Everything was thrifted except the flatware. Hope your gardens are filled with beautiful flowers but, if not, I’m delighted to share mine with you.


11 thoughts on “Peony Centerpiece Tablescape

  1. Beautiful peonies, and beautiful table! That blue is a perfect foil for the pinks. Thanks for all the inspiration and ideas!

  2. Love it all. Peonies are not yet in bloom here. I’m fortunate to be able to cut them from my friend’s garden (medium pink & very ruffly). Mine are white but they are still growing (no blooms yet). Heavenly scent. I have a coffee table book on them (they’re the royal flower of Japan). Have never used a patterned napkin with a patterned plate (yours looks great). Am especially interested in your acquisition of the French bee tumbler.

    1. The peonies are really wonderful. I think I read somewhere that they can live over 100 years. I hope that’s true and my garden will be blooming long after I’m gone. Thanks for commenting.

  3. What a beautiful table! I just LOVE peonies!! Ours won’t bloom for at least another month but sadly by the time they do they are always crawling with ants so I just leave them in the garden.

    1. I know the ants can be a problem. I shake them and then plunge the whole peony in water to get rid of as many ants as possible before bringing them indoors. They do look wonderful in the garden. Thanks for commenting.

  4. Lovely table; I loved how the napkins picked up the color of the flowers! I believe the ants do something to the blooms that helps them bloom. I love the fragrance of peonies–akin to roses to me! I bought myself 3 roots for myself–Happy Mother’s Day to me!

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