I had such a lovely surprise when I went into the yard this morning. The lilac bushes that I have been nursing for several years are now blooming. I was so excited. Growing lilacs in the South is not for the faint hearted. I clipped some and brought them into the house filling the house with a wonderful fragrance that I haven’t had since we moved to the South from more Northern climates. Welcome to the Blog today, Friends, as I share some flowers from the garden and a little vignette indoors.

I started with a white wire metal flower container. I love the intricate scrolling that is worked into the box. I chose a pottery jug made by a local potter to hold the fragrant lilac stems. A container of bright yellow tulips in a white wicker basket are placed next to the lilacs. In between is a whimsical giraffe that holds a pot of fragrant lemon thyme.

Here’s a closer look at the giraffe (could be a zebra). Soon this little bit of whimsy will be located outside in the garden but for now I can enjoy it inside. These wonderful garden fragrances bring so much of the outside into the home. It’s a real delight.

As of this morning I have these gorgeous pink and white azalea plants blooming. The clematis is absolutely gorgeous with huge purple blooms and yellow centers.

Pink yarrow, snowball verbena and lilac are all blooming making the garden come alive.

Small blooms abound. Not sure what the blue and the white ground covers are called. The white blooms are mixed in with a golden ground cover. Chives with purple blooms are happy in a terra cotta pot nestled into some thyme and oregano.

Purple and white Iris are making statements in the garden. They stand straight and beautiful gaining the attention they deserve.

Here’s Larry back in this garden spot next to a wrought iron bannister and a beautiful pot of pansies. The Japanese Iris on the left side are just getting ready to bloom. On the other side of the steps is another pot of pansies. This time in purple and at the end of the walkway is a pot filled with yellow pansies. They are such friendly flowers and it’s lovely to be greeted by them when you come up the walkway.

The yellow Iris and the double purple iris are looking gorgeous. Framing a lot of the plants are the soft green and gray tones of the lambs ears.

Spring is such a wonderful season to enjoy beautiful plantings outdoors and to bring some of that beauty inside to enjoy.

Creating a bit of whimsy with some beautiful flowers and gorgeous fragrance is a wonderful way to spend a Sunday.


17 thoughts on “Sunday Flowers Vignette and Flowers from the Garden

  1. Oh I bet those lilacs smell amazing! I do live in the north and just planed some lilac bushes last year; I can’t wait for them to really take off and fill in.

  2. I really enjoyed seeing your flowers; they are beautiful. Here in Maine, I have daffodils, crocus, and snow glories. I noticed buds coming on my rugosa rose bush near the front door. And dandelions are coming up!

    1. Dandelions always seem to survive even the harshest winters. Sounds like Spring is almost there. As you could tell from the pictures it’s in full bloom here. You’ll be enjoying your full blooms soon. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

    1. I found the wire basket in a Thrift Store some years ago. It’s one of my favorite things to use. I’ll be working in the garden today taking out some of those pesky weeks that seem to grow faster than the flowers. Nothing like sinking your fingers into the soil. Thanks for commenting.

  3. These are just beautiful. I really need to grow some more flowers in my garden

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