Going to an advertised Estate Sale is an opportunity to pick-up anything from furniture to china with lots in between. This particular sale was going to last for three days and they ended up extending it for a fourth day. There were a lot of items throughout the house and I was interested in some of the china and linens. Usually, at an estate sale the last day has any remaining items on sale for 1/2 price. I usually go the first day and Buy anything that I would regret not taking home. Then on the last day, if the sale is close to home, I might go back and see what is left for 1/2 off.

Why shop Estate Sales? I’m a big believer in recycling and reusing items especially items that are beautiful and still have a lot of use left in them. Why wouldn’t you want to save something from going into a landfill and polluting the planet for years. Recycling from Estate Sales and Thrift Stores might be a small way to make a change but there are lots of people out there shopping those sales and all those people add up. We need to do everything we can to conserve energy and curtail waste. Every time you bring home a treasure and give it new life you are working towards that goal.

So what did I find at this Estate Sale that I was happy to bring home? The first thing that caught my eye were these reversible placemats in black and cream. I loved how the patterns could be used in two different ways or even mixed and matched in the same setting. They were nicely quilted with no marks or stains. I have plans for them for an October tablescape.

This is a beautiful white linen tablecloth in perfect condition and newly laundered and starched. Love the detail in this cloth. It will fit my dining room table perfectly. I can picture a formal setting with crystal and china perhaps around the holidays.

This set of china is by Noritake and is part of their Ireland series. The ivy is in several shades of greens and browns with a simple vining pattern on the inner rim. I picked up four, three-piece place settings. There was a set of eight complete with cups, saucers and serving pieces but I decided on just the plates and bowls. Sometimes sets of china will be sold as a whole set. In this case they priced per piece so you could buy just what you wanted. Right behind me was a lady who bought the rest of the set.

The last purchase was a set of eight place settings with cups and saucers, sugar bowl and creamer and a serving plate. The pattern is another one in the Noritake Ireland series that depicts pheasants and mallard ducks on various pieces of the service. You can see the Ivy plates in the background. I loved the more formal look of these eight place settings. The border is quite lovely in rich, forest green with gold accents. The dinner plates and bowls depict the pheasant motif and the salad/dessert plates have the ducks. Cups and saucers also feature the ducks.

I shopped for these on the half price day so they were pretty inexpensive. Everything was in pristine condition and the set was probably reserved for company. Since sales are usually posted with pictures online, you have a good idea of what’s available before making the decision to attend. estate sales.net is a good place to go to find out what’s available in our area.

Estate sales are great for filling in your collections or obtaining new pieces and it’s fun to look at the homes as well.


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  1. Estate sales are my preferred way of shopping vintage. We have established good relationships with a couple of the best hosts in our area, and love their sales. That Noritake Ireland complete set is just FABULOUS! I can see getting a lot of mileage from that pheasant/mallard set, as well as the ivy.pieces. I have a set of placemats exactly like your tablecloth you snagged. Very nice acquisitions, Lynne!

    1. Thanks, Rita. Like you, I attend estate sales whenever I can. You can find some wonderful treasures at reasonable prices. I was so excited to find the Noritake set. I will be using it soon. Thanks for stopping by and have a great week.

  2. Absolutely gorgeous set of dishes!!! I like church Flea Markets and recently attended a great one and got a lot of good buys and some for Free on the last day!!! Thanks for sharing!!

    1. Thanks, Debbie. Haven’t tried many church sales but I will definitely put that on my list. It sounds like they are a great place to find treasures in. your area. Thanks for stopping by and sharing. Have a great week.

  3. Wow – great finds! Love your thrifting philosophy too. 🙂 Thanks for sharing all the fun!

    1. Thanks, Teddee. I had been looking for plates with that motif to use for the Fall season. It was a great find at a reasonable price. Thanks for visiting and sharing. Have a great week.

  4. Can you give more details on the pheasant and duck dishware? I looked on Replacements for Noritake Ireland series but I couldn’t find anything. I’ve been looking for mallard themed dishes and these are absolutely beautiful – you are so lucky to find such great items!!

    1. Thanks, Elena. The specific pattern is called, “Wicklow Green” by Noritake. They really are beautiful and even better in person than in the pictures. Good luck finding some. Have a great week.

  5. Loved the Wicklow Green dishes. I am a total sucker for beautiful table linens and will iron and starch mine and those I put into my booth. In Maine, we don’t have many estate sales; they are usually yard/garage sales or auctions. I follow one site that has bidding on line with several different companies but that is not the same as SEEING the item. We stopped at a yard sale after church and I got some smalls for my booth and several things for myself!

    1. I think every region is a little different in terms of the secondhand market. You get to know what works in your area. I always enjoy learning about other parts of the country. Thanks for stopping by and sharing.

  6. Those dishes are truly beautiful, especially those with the bird. You probably find the same quality in the usual shops. That was a great find at the Estate Sale. Thanks for sharing with us at SSPS #276. Visiting from #10,11, and 12 ~ Julie Syl

  7. Oh, Lynne. Everything is beautiful! Echoing an earlier comment…the dish collecting ‘bug’ bit me when I was at a church rummage sale & bought Edelstein service for 12 (with extra cups & serving pieces) for $12.50. I’ve also purchased dessert/tea service English china at a different church rummage sale. This was 2015 or so.

    1. Great finds, Robin. I know I keep saying but it’s true…you never know what you’re going to find so you just have to keep looking. Secondhand is a wonderful way to find treasures. Have a great week and thanks for sharing.

  8. Lynne, what a wonderful estate sale!!! I’ve only been to a couple and at one in California I found two large terracotta pots with lion heads stamped into the clay. Wish I could have brought them from California! Enjoy all your beautiful new china and the new tablecloth!

    Barb 🙂

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