It’s been about three months since I was able to go thrifting. I just couldn’t resist popping into one of my local thrift stores just to take a quick peek. I found this fabulous hand-thrown pottery plate. It reminded me of the sea in Ireland and the sky in Venice. I really enjoy collecting beautiful pottery and this will fit in with other pieces I’ve found. The gray and speckled black clay is something I’ve seen before and I have a few pieces made with a similar clay. On the back of the plate you can see that this speckled feature runs throughout the clay and gives it a distinctive look when fired. the blue and white wave pattern is added later to create the pattern in the plate.

There is a maker’s mark on the back but it’s hard to discern. I’ll have to do some research to find out who made the plate.

The next thing that hopped into the cart was this Nordic Ware Snowflake Pull Apart Baking dish. It is made out of heavy aluminum and coated with a non-stick finish. I was reading up on it and this is what I found out.

The inside of the pan has very pronounced ridges that go from the top of the pan to the bottom. This makes it easy to pull or cut apart pieces of the cake to serve to each guest or family member. The best cakes to bake in this type of pan are pound cakes, banana bread, lemon loaf, etc. Really any quick bread will work. I will be trying it out and will show you the results. This pan looked as if it had never been used. I’m going to experiment before the holidays just to see if it works.

The last thing I found was this brand new table runner that was 1/2 price so about $1.50. Love the neutral background and white snowflakes. This will work well for Christmas and the winter months. I can just see this with some wintery white dishes or maybe a woodland table setting. It’s made from a very nice linen and lined as well. You can see the lining in the picture above.

Not a big shop but I loved each of the items I found. Can’t wait to use them and share them with you.


27 thoughts on “A Little Thrifting Adventure

  1. Hi, I was a stoneware and porcelain potter for 40 years, and nothing beats a handmade piece with the feel of the potter’s hands…great catch, and it’s amazing how much is on the secondary market now. Every now and then I actually find a piece of mine in the Chicago area…but then I worked here for 30 years and that was a lot of pots. From VCharm. hugs, Sandi

    1. I am always amazed at the beautiful things a skilled potter can make with a wheel and some clay. I’m sure you made wonderful pieces. Would love to see some pictures. Thanks for visiting and sharing.

  2. I am excited to see how the cake made in that pan works out! What an interesting piece.

  3. LOVE! And they all go nicely together. Sometimes shopping in themes just happens, and I love it when it does.

  4. Hi! Those are great finds. If you haven’t already discovered the origin of the plate, I think I can help you out. The potter is John Dietrich. He signs his work with a D. His gallery is Ellison Bay Pottery in Ellison Bay, WI. Many years ago while in college I worked in his gallery as a summer job. His work is wonderful!

    1. Thanks, Liz, for the information on the potter. I went to his site and he had a vintage plate very similar to the one I found. Had no idea they sold for that price. I would love to see him work. Sounds like it was a great Summer job. Appreciate the information. Have a great week. Hope to see you here again.

  5. I used to go thrifting when my children were little. Now I find I need a bit of room in my wee British semi. Still I love a good thrifting Saturday. Julie Syl

  6. Great finds! I always love finding your treasures! I love Nordic Ware pans. I often make a chocolate zucchini cake in a Bundt pan and “frost” it by dusting it with sieved confectioner’s sugar. So simple but accentuates the the design from the cake pan–without adding a lot of extra calories, too!

    1. Kathy, that cake sounds delicious. Would love to have the recipe. I agree that the pretty pans look so nice on the table and just a dusting of confectioners sugar makes them really stand out. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Quite a diverse selection. A pull apart cake is so easy for company. The plate is distinctive & not like the ‘usual’ pottery design.

    1. Thanks, Robin. the plate actually turned out to be a vintage piece. the colors are really vibrant and I love how it looks. You’re right…t’s a bit unusual. Thanks for sharing.

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