Summer is sunshine, flowers, warm breezes and happy thoughts. It’s also simple table settings with bright colors and delightful centerpieces. Welcome, Friends. I put together a Summer tablescape…all from thrifted items…one table setting with two different centerpieces to show you how easy it is to create a fabulous setting for your Summer meals.

When you are putting together a tablescape you have to choose a place to start. Sometimes it’s a tablecloth, sometimes a china pattern and sometimes a centerpiece. Today I started with two different centerpieces and worked the rest of the setting around them. In Summer you have more flower choices either from your own garden or from the grocery store. My garden is blooming now so I ventured out to find some blossoms for the table. The arrangement on the left is an easy bouquet of sunflowers gathered in a pottery pitcher with vines wrapped around the base. The flowers are cheerful with smiling faces and the yellow and green in the blooms and the vase work well together. It’s a tall, slender arrangement that keeps the table delicate.

The right hand arrangement is exuberant with cone flowers, hydrangea, and gladiolas all mixed together with multiple colors. I love how well the colors and flowers go together. They depict the variety of summer shades all in one bunch. The flowers are gathered in another pottery pitcher this one on the chunkier side giving the table a completely different feel. The variety of flowers warm up the table and bring Summer indoors.

The plate stack is a mix of two different patterns.

I used Villeroy & Boch, Simple White Wave pattern, for the dinner and dessert plates. The salad plate is a colorful Pier 1 Italian plate with shades of yellow, blue, pink and green. It adds a pop of color to the setting without being overwhelming.

A yellow, embroidered napkin held in place by a hand-blown Art Deco napkin ring compliments the beautiful yellow and white lace linen table topper.

I used Royal Plume silver plate by International Silver for the flatware. It’s one of my favorite patterns.

The water goblet is a weighty, beautifully cut crystal called Eclipse by Lenox. The wine glass is Traviata by Mikasa and, I think, pairs well with the Lenox. It’s fun to mix and match china and crystal to create something uniquely yours.

Here’s an overhead look at the setting with the simpler centerpiece. The two-color theme of yellow and white with a splash of color creates a calm, elegant look to your table.

Changing the centerpiece for a more exuberant color scheme warms up the table and makes you more aware of the accent colors. IThe table is a bit more colorful and a bit more casual without changing anything else.

Whether you choose lots of color or a two-tone scheme you can’t go wrong. Suit the centerpiece and the setting to your mood and enjoy these “lazy” days of Summer.


14 thoughts on “Table Setting for Summer

  1. So pretty! I love the yellow tablecloth with the Battenberg lace, too. So often it’s seen in “white on white” which is lovely, but the color really shows off the lace beautifully.

  2. Lovely summery yellow, sunflowers and the lace. Have a grande weekend and happy Pink Saturday!

    1. Thanks, Paula. It’s such fun to put together a table setting. Appreciate you visiting today and commenting. would love the link to the Unlimited Linky party. Can’t seem to find it.

  3. I like the way the square design of the water goblet compliment the square shape in the plate stack. Don’t think I’ve seen this glassware used before.

    1. The glassware is pretty recent. You have a great “eye”. I like to use different geometric shapes in the table setting. Makes it more interesting. Thanks for stopping by and sharing.

    1. Thanks so much Bev. That’s exciting news and, of course, I will stop by. I try to visit and share postings each week. I really appreciate the feature and enjoy your site.

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