A cozy room, a sunny day and a tray filled with all the things you’ll need to plan a wonderful Spring vacation. Italy is on the agenda today and some inspiration is gathered together for a travel planning session.

We have a map of one of the most beautiful Italian cities…Venice. Post-it notes will help organize our stay in this beautiful city.

If we needed additional inspiration, Stanly Tucci’s cookbook, based on the TV program, would certainly provide us with all the gorgeous pictures and recipes we need. I think one of the reasons everyone loves Italy is the wonderful food that is available everywhere in the country.

No self-respecting Italian would plan anything important without a glass of wine to stimulate the brain cells and toast the exuberant Italian life style. A lovely crystal glass is there to hold the wine. A vase of beautiful pink flowers reminds us that Italy is a land of beauty and the presentation of that beauty is intrinsic to the soul of Italy.

A good luck whistle, it’s been in my family for a very long time, is ready to accompany me on my travels. A camera, guide book and a book of specialty walks in Tuscan villages provide wonderful information for seeking the hidden treasures found abroad.

A passport, some Euro, and it will soon be time to head for the airport on a lovely Italian adventure. For the next few weeks I can forget the cold weather outside and concentrate on the wonderful possibilities of Spring travel…on a tray!


10 thoughts on “Travel Tray…Spring Dreams

  1. What a lovely vignette! I hope you have an excellent time–and bring back some more memories to show all of us!

    1. Hi Robin, It will be my first time in Venice but I have spent a lot of time in Florence. It is an absolute gem…so much history and art. I could happily live there. Thanks for stopping by.

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