Have you noticed that there are lots of Blogs now that are starting to display their Fall decor. The end of Summer may still be a ways off but the start of school heralds the coming of Fall. I’ve started to pull out some things for Fall and am pairing them with flowers in this blog. Welcome, Friends, to flowers and decor that are heading towards Fall.

In the picture above I have some flowers from the grocery store and some flowers from my garden collected in a crystal vase. The vase sits next to a simple display of pumpkins and a wine box stenciled with “Hello Pumpkin”. The display sits on a Fall runner in reds and greens and golds with a leaf and wildflower pattern.

These chrysanthemums are gorgeous. There are purple and bronze examples with some smaller mums in whites. Carnations in pinks and deep purple join some beautiful yellow gladiolas in the display.

On the other side of the flowers sits a cross stitch piece in a lovely wooden frame.

Here’s a better look at the wooden pumpkins and the wine box. These were all picked up while thrifting although I added the stencil to the bottom of the box. It says “Hello Pumpkin”.

Here the flower arrangement has been moved to the great room coffee table. It anchors one end of the table and adds lots of color to the room.

Flowers are adaptable to most settings and I often move them from one room to another. One arrangement can fill several needs over the course of a few days.

As you transition from Summer decor to Fall Decor remember that flowers can help ease your way and brighten your home…. whatever the season.


8 thoughts on “Heading Towards Fall

  1. I love moving flowers around, too, but, these days, they are usually faux! When I got married in ’73, 2 weeks after college graduation, we had no money. I had one $12 (a lot back then!) low spreading arrangement that went from the church altar, to the wedding reception head table, back to church for Sunday service. THEN, my mother took it apart and made it more uprignt and brought it to a sick neighbor! When I have glads, I shorten them as they fade and put them in a smaller vase!

    1. You definitely learned how to make the most of your flowers and had a good teacher in your Mom. I’m drying flowers now for the Winter. They’ll help supplement the fresh in the cold weather. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Your’s is a hint of Fall – nice. I like that the flowers are a mix with just one darker red mum. I can’t do Fall yet, just can’t. It is still hot and sticky here & we’re eating watermelon. I still have visions of setting one more hot summer table using vibrant yellow/orange/green. Then in my head I have a yellow/blue/white table to set with the hydrangeas & blue Russian sage that are bursting. Maybe after Labor Day I can think about Fall when the children go back to school.

    1. It’s hard to think of Fall when it’s still so hot outside but planning for a bit cooler weather convinces you the het will diminish. Our Summer has become quite rainy so I’m ready for those cool, crisp nights and bright sunny days. Your garden sounds lovely. I’m drying hydrangea right now to have available for this Winter. I’m so grateful for the garden’s bounty. Thanks for stopping by and sharing

    1. It definitely takes awhile to go from Summer to fall but the process is something to take time and enjoy. The house is filled with drying flowers and herbs in preparation for the Winter months. A lovely time of year. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

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