Welcome to the Blog today, Friends, and a story of how one little change generated several days work and a whole host of changes to the house. My story begins with the purchase of an Ethan Allen Sofa at a consignment shop. A year ago we had given our leather furniture to our daughter and we bought an “interim” sofa for a few hundred dollars until we found something we liked. A year later we found a sofa, brand new, purchased by the original owner a couple of months ago and never used. Her Family consigned it to a shop near our home and we bought it at a fraction of the original price. I do love a bargain. LOL

Once the sofa was scheduled for delivery we had to move the old sofa to a different room. This had been planned from the beginning. The desk came out of the “Office” making way for the new placement of the old sofa. Hope this is making sense. The pictures on that wall had to come down and when they did it was clear the wall needed to be repainted. Unfortunately, we had used all the paint. So this required a trip to the paint store. We repainted two walls and touched up all the others. (Not really in the plan for moving the sofa).

With the paint dry we moved the sofa into the room. Now we had to redo the pictures.

The new pictures (thrift store finds) were chosen and the measuring began. It takes a long time to hang pictures correctly.

Finally the pictures were hung on this wall and two others in the room. These are all original works in oil and watercolor. The map is an antique map that shows Where my husband was stationed in Italy. We found it in a little shop years ago and had it framed. The colors all blend and we used a standard configuration for picture hanging. I added a throw to the camelback sofa to tie in the rug (also thrifted years ago).

The coffee table is a solid cherry table in a shaker style. We are thinking of selling it and a matching end table on Marketplace. It’s a bit big for the room but will work for now. Because the expanse of the tabletop was a bit overwhelming, I added a table runner to visually cut the table in half and added the handmade box to emphasize that look. I’ll add some flowers to the long box to break up the color.

By the end of the day we were tired but happy that the room was together. One small change to the room…! I still have a picture to hang but that requires finding some hanging wire for the Thrift Store frame. Oh My!

Adding some cotton bolls to the handmade box brought in a lighter color and raised the eyes from the table to the cotton bolls.

The last picture was hung and the room is complete….for now.

….and one last option. A lighter colored table runner with the copper trimmed box and cotton bolls. We’ll live with this for a bit and move on to — “One Little Change in the Great Room…..!

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17 thoughts on “Change One Little Thing and…!

  1. It’s amazing how much work is involved in making “one little change.”

    Your living room looks great – calm and peaceful. Adding the cotton bolls was the perfect touch although personally I think the lighter runner takes away from their impact. (Says the woman whose living room has been in disarray for a week while she tries to decide how to rearrange the furniture.)

    I enjoy your posts very much and turn green with envy when you blog about all your finds.


    1. I definitely agree. The yellow runner is just too bright. Have to look for a toned-down one. This is actually the Den. Will be posting about the living room probably next week. The new (to me) sofa arrived yesterday and we are still working on some other pieces putting that room together. Thanks for visiting and commenting.

  2. The update to your den came out great. I like how you showed us step by step the changes. Have a great week and thank you for sharing your home.

  3. Lynne, hahaha, a girl after my own heart! I love what you’ve done, especially with the wall gallery. It’s probably a good thing many of my walls are the old plaster or I’d be tempted to do more gallery type hangings. I really like the look. I love the Shaker style of the coffee table, but I also understand your desire to let it settle a while before making the decision to sell that. Your decor touches Makena very handsome look.

    1. It is fun decorating with found objects…furniture, pictures and accessories. I’ve worked with plaster walls before and they can be a challenge. You definitely think twice before putting anything on the walls. Appreciate the encouraging comments. the living room is next. Thanks for visiting and taking the time to comment.

  4. Back in ’79 when my late ex and I built our house, it was unfinished–no inner doors or window frames. Hand me down curtains hung on jute and roofing nails covered a lot of undone-ness! He wouldn’t let me hang pix as he wanted to paint the walls first; I went 18 months with bare walls. Then I found I could hang lightweight pix with a common pin–and did! SO, I really enjoyed how you 2 worked together and ended with a very professional looking result! I love the rust in the throw with the cherry table and all the browns/tans in furniture and pix harmonizing. Very peaceful looking!

  5. Oh, how true one little change can evolve into a whole room makeover! For us it was a kitchen remodel that turned out so well we had to start redoing the dining room, then the living room, foyer and so on and on to “match” the new kitchen. It’s exhausting but I am finding amazing buys at the thrift store I volunteer at and others.
    I love the way your room came together and love the long box!

    1. Renovation, even on a small scale, is challenging and exhausting but the results are almost always worth the effort. Sounds like you kitchen is great. The long box was built by my husband. He’s a handy guy to have around. Thanks for stopping by.

  6. Thank you for sharing this on Traffic Jam Weekend. It has been chosen as a fave feature for this week’s link party that goes live on Thursday at 5:00 pm CST. AND IT HAD THE MOST VIEWS! Congratulations!

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