Welcome to the Blog today, Friends. It’s been a busy week and very hot here with temperatures just under 100 degrees. That means lots of watering and making sure that the garden is okay. I’ve been harvesting raspberries and blueberries every day and we have really been enjoying the fresh fruit. Today, I ventured out to an estate sale and one Thrift Store and I can’t wait to show you some incredible finds.

As you can see from the picture above the finds were many and varied…..I can’t wait to share them with you.

I’ll start with these great linen napkins in black which will be perfect for Hallowe’en.

Next, a brand new cribbage game with cards still in the plastic wrap. This comes in a beautiful wooden box and is quite attractive. Also has the original packaging.

I found a box of green candles which will be great in my candelabra.

Also found these very large rolls of ribbon. I especially liked the black and white checked ribbon.

These really whimsical prints signed by the artist, Jamie Hayes, depict a fantastical frog called “Frog Fest” and “The Dancing Pucker Fish”. He is known for adding silver and gold to each of his pieces. I’ll frame these and find an appropriate place for them.

This really wonderful Espresso Set is made out of stainless steel and the inside of the cups are insulated. The set comes with six cups, six saucers, six spoons and a sugar bowl. It’s described as Minimalist Modern by Guido Bergna. This is quite a high end set selling for upwards of $125. It was a Goodwill find. There were no scratches or dings on the set. It looks to be in perfect condition and my Hubby is already using it for his morning espresso.

This set of Villeroy and Boch in the “Riviera” pattern was a lucky find. I love Villeroy and Boch for their classic style and beautiful porcelain. This pattern is very summery and will fit in well with some tablecloths I picked up recently.

The Estate Sale proved to be very interesting when my Hubby found these Christopher Radko pieces buried under some stuff in the garage. The one above is called, “Lofty Nicholas Ride 150mm Snow Globe. This is also a music box and plays Jingle Bells. When the key is wound snow is blown around the globe. You never have to tip the globe over to make it snow.

This wonderful Wedgewood Snowflake ornament was a great find and will fit in well with the ornaments on our formal tree this December. It’s very pretty.

The next piece is Christopher Radko and is called, “12 Days of Christmas Revolving Tree”. It comes with 12 ornaments that can be hung on the tree representing the 12 days of Christmas. Like all of Radko’s creations the details on this piece and especially the ornaments are quite lovely. This piece recently sold on Ebay for $160. It was a wonderful find and will look great as part of my Christmas Decor this year. These Radko pieces were well cared for and all came in their original boxes.

Finally, this wonderfully rare Christopher Radko piece entitled, “North Pole Express Cookie Jar Centerpiece. It is beautifully detailed with Santa driving the train as he leans out the window of the engine. He is helped from the other side by one of his reindeer. Santa’s helpers engaged in keeping gifts on the train are whimsical additions to the engine. Santa’s filled bag of toys is on the roof. This wonderful piece was produced exclusively for Neiman Marcus for one year only and is sought by collectors. It was a really nice find.

Two stops and many treasures made for a great day of thrifting.


16 thoughts on “Thrifting Bonanza

  1. Wow, what a great bunch of treasures. I bet you were doing a happy dance! I can’t wait to see how you display all the Christmas things!

  2. CR pieces are always a wonderful find. Does the stainless espresso set hold single or double shots? I have a modern set of white porcelain (holds single) & an antique set that I thought would hold double because of the different shaped cup. I was sadly mistaken but they have a totally different vibe. Pretty VB plates that will definitely go with your collection.

    1. The stainless espresso cups hold a double shot, according to my Hubby. they look really pretty and they hold the heat in as well. A nice set. The plates are really pretty and can’t wait to use them. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

    1. The Christopher Radko is special. You are lucky to have the dinner dishes. I have some other pieces as well that I display at Christmas. Always makes for a fun display. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

    1. there are always so many cool things to find when thrifting. these were quite special, though, and my Hubby has been enjoying them ever since. thanks for stopping and commenting.

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