Sunday Flowers this week are all about the container and the flowers from the garden with a little bit of wine and some beautiful crystal glasses for good measure. What better break to have on a Sunday afternoon than a Sangiovese wine to share and some beautiful flowers to keep you company. Welcome to the Blog, Friends.

The flowers and wine sit on yellow placemats on a wooden, live edged coffee table. The wine is being held in an Italian wine holder with orange and green glazes decorating the cooler. The wine is ready to be opened and shared on a rainy Sunday afternoon.

The flowers were just gathered from the garden. You can see gardenias with their beautiful fragrance perfuming the air. Several different varieties of hydrangea are represented with colors from light blue to purple. Orange flowers (don’t know what they are called) add a little Italian punch to the arrangement. The flowers are displayed in a beautiful Italian made porcelain container fashioned into a marketing bag. Handles in raised green porcelain drape across the bag which is decorated in colorful butterflies.

Here you can see the wine cooler holding the red wine and the lovely crystal glasses that will soon be used for a peaceful afternoon break.

The porcelain bag of flowers helps create a lovely setting to share a bottle of wine.

Take the time to have an enjoyable respite in your afternoon. Share a beautiful setting and a delightful beverage with someone you love.

My next Blog is coming on Tuesday when I’ll be participating in a Summer Tablescape Blog Hop with a group of 23 talented designers. If you’re looking for some ideas to create a wonderful summer table setting, join me on Tuesday for the Blog Hop. See you then.


17 thoughts on “Sunday Flowers in an Italian Bag

  1. Such lovely flowers including the container they are in.
    Them orange flowers are – Asclepias tuberosa; ‘Butterfly Weed’

  2. That handbag “vase” is so neat! What a beautiful arrangement of flowers you’ve gathered from your garden too.

  3. So pretty. I’ll look forward to learning more about the interesting container.

  4. I kept wondering how I could bring in a bouquet of peonies with all the ants they often have but..tada.. of course-I can put them on the table on my porch. Yours look so so lovely!

  5. Beautiful, Lynne! Your vase and wine holder really do bring in the Italian vibe. Thanks for sharing, and for your beautiful flower and wine inspiration! 🙂

  6. Lynne, I realized I hadn’t yet put together Share Your Style #349 yet when I commented last time on your post. I do love your bag and it is a fun tote to run around with!! Anyway, I loved being able to feature your bag for you. <3

    Hope you are having a wonderful weekend,
    Barb 🙂

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