What do you do when its pouring down rain outside, you’re setting the table for guests and you can’t gather flowers for the table? Welcome to the Blog today, Friends, as I share an impromptu centerpiece and table setting with you……thrifted, of course.

You can see, in the picture above, that the table setting is red and white with black accents. We were serving a casual Italian dinner. I unearthed some treasures when getting ready for the garage sale and the set of acrobats in white and black with bright red hair was one of them. The base is a magnet and the hands and feet of the acrobats are magnetized. You can arrange them in multiple positions. They balance on rings and poles and are quite engaging. They made a really interesting centerpiece for the table.

I kept the place setting a simple combination of red and white with the napkin ring in a black wound wire design. The placemats and the napkins were red and white with a thin stripe of muted green running through them which echoes the colors in the Italian flag.

Directly on top of the placemat I used a straw charger with a border of white stars. Next was the dinner plate in white and made in Portugal. It has little ceramic balls that circle the rim of the plate. Finally a salad/dessert plate in red by Fun Factory completes the setting.

The water goblet is a deep red bowl with a clear stem in a simple Colonial style.

It’s paired with a clear, square, Mikasa wine glass that is quite modern but goes well with the red goblet.

Here’s a closer look at the napkin ring. I really like them. They add a feeling of strength to the setting that is reflected in the acrobats.

I kept the stainless simple and sleek with this Mikasa pattern.

The acrobats add a bit of height to the table and are quite eye-catching and just a bit different. They didn’t block conversation and provided a focal point for the table setting.

Another view looking from one diner to the next.

The acrobats even have a little bit of green on their faces that ties in with the napkins and the placemats. It was a fun setting and just a little bit different. All the elements were thrifted so the setting was quite cost effective as well.

Don’t be afraid to try something new with your centerpiece and have some fun with it. You may be pleasantly surprised at the result.


9 thoughts on “A Different Kind of Centerpiece

  1. Those acrobats are so cute; I love that you can pose them different ways. They go perfectly with your white and read table with just those hints of black.

  2. You ‘unearthed’ this treasure! LOL. Good thing you didn’t put this in the yard sale! So cute.

  3. Really liked your acrobats–especially the fact that you can see around them–I can’t stand tall cereal boxes on the table blocking my view, never mind a jungle of flowers! ALSO, envy your ability to entertain–we both just tested + for Covid! Fuey. Just cold symptoms so far!

    1. So sorry you’re ill. Hopefully it will be a mild case. We have just started having people over again so it’s been nice. The acrobats were a really fun choice for the table and our guests enjoyed them. Thanks for commenting.

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