I’m posting my Sunday Flowers on Saturday this week as Easter is tomorrow. I put together this little vignette using a Victorian style tray outlined in gold with green and pink accents. Welcome to the Blog today, Friends as we use some beautiful garden flowers in a simple vignette.

Some gorgeous Snowball Verbena are blooming in my garden….. blooming right now along with some equally gorgeous azaleas. When I put them together I was really pleased with how beautiful they looked. In addition to the flowers, I wanted to add some other elements to the vignette. You can see the tray a little better in this picture. The shape is scalloped and gold, green and pink are the main colors. It was quite nice that the azaleas were pink and the snowballs range in color from white to white with a slight tinge of green. you can see that I chose to display one of my favorite flower arranging books from Southern Living. It just happened to have similar colors in the book jacket and went really well with the tray. It is supported by a gold plate rack.

This picture shows a bit closer view of the book and also gives you a side view of the small crystal flower vase holding a few azalea flowers. The flowers are in full bloom and gorgeous. You can see the azaleas in full bloom in the large crystal vase at the edge of the vignette. It’s really an explosion of color.

I added a pillar candle with graduated colors to the mix and set it on a low candle holder in old gold. It seems to pair well with the tray and the book. I love how the reflection in the mirror makes it seem as if you have two beautiful crystal vases filled with wonderful color.

Though the elements are simple they still make a statement and welcome guests immediately when they come through the front door.

Just a few items can create a feast for the senses and I was delighted when this came together. Wishing you all a happy Saturday, Sunday and Easter filled with Family, Friends and chocolate



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  1. Just beautiful Lynne! It will be another month or so before anything starts blooming here. I needed a little bit of sunshine! Thank you!

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