Welcome, today, to a little magic from the garden. Spring is one of the most beautiful times of the year in the garden and it’s such a pleasure to bring some of that beauty indoors. The cut crystal vase above is filled with Snowball Viburnum, Azaleas, and Japanese Iris. They are all blooming profusely outside.

In this picture you can see the azaleas with morning dew still on the petals. They are enjoying a wonderful season since it has been so warm in April. The deep pink color contrasts with the very dark green leaves and makes a pleasing picture.

These saucer-like blooms are clematis. They are one of the earliest flowers in my garden and will continue to bloom for several weeks. The flowers are really large and form in clusters on the vines which climb on a trellis in a shady spot of the garden.

Yellow Iris have appeared overnight and add their sunny faces to the garden. They are such a spectacular flower and look even better in clumps. Iris spread on their own as well. Just plant a few and in a couple of years you have many more.

This variegated variety of purple Iris is quite showy with it’s combination of white and purple and it’s frilly petals. It’s a treat to see it bloom each year.

The Snowball Vibernum are even more beautiful now as they turn that snowy white which gives them their common name.

We are so fortunate to have such variety in texture, shape and color. It is truly a wonderland in the garden. I hope you all have an opportunity to enjoy the colors of Spring this week.

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