Welcome everyone to this Thrift Store reveal. We were on a “roll” today as we went around the local Thrift Stores. We actually started out going to an estate sale at a very upscale home. Unfortunately, it was the second day so a lot of things had been sold already. The things that were left were much more than I normally like to pay so we decided to visit a few local stores.

The first store was Salvation Army and there I found four Lenox Chargers and a crystal bell with unicorns around the base. The chargers are really quite nice with a green boarder with flowers around the edges.

Next we went to a Miracle Hill Thrift Store and found some brand new candles. Dark blue Colonial Candles and some harvest gold pillar candles. Also, found a tortilla pan set (luncheon size) that was apropos as we had just taught a taco appetizer class. Finally, we found a hand-cranked popcorn popper.

At the next Miracle Hill I found these two Nordic baking pans. One is for making a nine car train and the other is called Bugs in the Garden. It has butterflies, lady bugs, and a couple of other insects. These are great for making seasonal cakes or for themed parties. The pans are quite heavy and excellent for baking.

I also found this German baking aid that is used for making pastry horns that you stuff with flavored cream. A large serving platter by Mikasa was in the Christmas section and ended up in my basket.

I found a series of plates at some of the above Thrift Stores. The first find was 8 Wedgewood plates in white with a thin line of beaded work around the rim. They are simple and will work in many place settings. They are made in England and were in great condition. The next six dinner plates are by Nikko. There is a lovely border of flowers and vines that will be perfect for Spring and Summer. The next set of plates are Czechoslovakian with gold edging and hand-painted flowers on each of six plates. Then from Pottery Barn there are four dessert plates in white and gold with summer themes. They are all in beautiful condition. Finally, there is a set of four dessert plates showcasing large flower blooms from Pier 1. It was a really good plate day.

A cut glass crystal vase and Calvin Klein red wine glasses were the last find. When looking at crystal goblets always check the stem to see if it has a maker’s name etched at the bottom. Lenox, Waterford, Cartier and Clavin Klein amongst others all sign their stemware. It’s an easy way to tell something is valuable. The Calvin Klein stemware costs between $25 and $35, or more. A pretty good find.

I’ll be showcasing some of these finds in subsequent blogs. I’m really excited about putting together some tablescapes with my newly found dishes. Hope you all find some great things next time ou go “Thrifting”.

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