Welcome Everyone! Today’s tablescape is inspired by the beautiful Battenburg Lace tablecloth and napkins I found this week while out thrifting. It is made for a 60-inch round table and has a lovely , rather intricate, pattern. There are two rounds of lace…one small and in the center of the tablecloth… with the second round placed in the middle of the circular linen. You want as much of the tablecloth to show as possible as it is definitely the star of this table setting.

I have placed an arrangement of garden flowers in the center of the first ring of lace. The flowers really provide the color for the table. Everything else is subdued and quiet providing contrast to the showy blooms. The flowers used are Snowball Vibernum, Azaleas and Japanese Iris.

The plate stack begins with Lenox, Poppies Rainbow – Green. This large plate can be used as a charger, as I did in this instance, or as a dinner plate. The green is a quiet sage green and provides a pastel background for the rest of the dishes.

Next I used a Windsor by Wedgewood dinner plate with a small bead that runs around the edge of the plate. The white honors the tablecloth without fighting for control. It is peaceful and delicate.

Finally, we have Crochet Flower by Biltmore. Delicate mauve bell flowers occupy the center of the plate and gold crochet edging rims the edges. The purple in the plates picks up the purple Japanese Iris in the flower arrangement tying them together. All the colors are quiet backdrops for the flowers and the lace.

An elegant crystal goblet on a thin stem….Caspian by Calvin Klein, 2007….. is the sole stemware used in this table setting. It is simple and with the etched circles on the bowl of the glass echoes the circles of lace in the tablecloth.

Matching linen and lace napkins were placed under the salad plates. Edwards and Holmes, Jubilee silver-plate, is a great accompaniment to the linen and lace of the tablecloth.

Table settings don’t have to be elaborate or full to be beautiful. Simplicity and elegance can be just as lovely, especially if everything is thrifted.

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