We had been on several distillery tours by the time we got to Midleton but this Jameson tour was one of my favorites. It is located on the site of the original plant and has many of the original buildings and equipment open to view. The tour is comprehensive and quite fun taking you inside the buildings and in the large courtyards of the site. The guide was terrific.

There were interesting sculptures on the tour. This was one I particularly liked. Of course, you learned the Jameson story and how they brew the whiskey.

You can see the original architecture of the old buildings which creates some good opportunities for geometric photography. The working conditions were good for that time period and employees were paid a living wage as well as getting a “dram” of whiskey every day.

They are very generous with the whiskey tasting so – don’t do this on an empty stomach. You also don’t have to drink every drop. Most people do.

They have an extensive shop on the premises where you can purchase Jamesons to take on a plane or to drink in Ireland.

Great Fun!


After our whiskey tasting we really needed to eat something but the on-site restaurant was closing. We chatted with one of the sales people and he recommended the Elm Tree Restaurant a short distance from town. We headed there and it was a great recommendation.

We didn’t have a reservation but they were able to accommodate us at the bar. Worked out just fine.

We started with an appetizer that was really fresh and well presented.

We don’t eat meat that often but decided to try the Roast Beef Dinner. We weren’t disappointed. It was really tasty. The roast beef was served over mashed potatoes with gravy a popover and a medley of vegetables. Delish.


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