Hello, Everyone, welcome to the Blog today as I share a small vignette for Fall with you. First a quick up-date. As many of you know I had to skip a few blogs last week due to illness. Feeling much better by Tuesday but my husband ended up in the hospital being admitted from the ER. Fortunately, he’s doing well and everything is fixable but we are still at the hospital until tomorrow or Saturday. It’s been quite a couple of weeks. Thank goodness for computers as I was able to look back to some recent photos to put something together for today.

This little vignette is in my guest bedroom. The chest is a small six drawer chest that has a more rustic, distressed finish in some greens, browns and light greens with lots of wood showing through. The chest is right at the entrance to the guest room.

I wanted to bring a pop of color to the room and had some beautiful red flowers blooming in the yard along with some mock sage in gorgeous light and dark purples. The light and dark lilac colors are on the same stem and are quite beautiful in their long blooms. The leaves are like an elongated sage leaf in shades of green. The flowers sit in a crystal vase on the dresser and create quite a welcome as you enter the room.

Also sitting on the dresser in the same distressed greens is a framed hand drawn edition of the constellation, Scorpio, by a local artist. It’s quite eye-catching and I have several other astrology signs from the same artist. Found them in a Thrift Store, of course.

Behind the flowers on the wall is a watercolor depiction of a street in Quebec City, Canada. The same shades of soft greens are shown in the watercolor pulling the elements together.

The vase, scorpio and watercolor create that nice triangle that is so pleasing to the eye. Everything is nicely grounded by the chest of drawers incorporating the colors. It’s fun to set up these little vignettes and usually I just shop my house for three or five elements that will go well together. It just takes a few moments and you have created an interesting spot in your home. I have a couple of other pictures on the wall that are by local artists that reinforce the color scheme and add some interest.

Wishing you all a good week and some fun with vignettes.


17 thoughts on “A Little Vignette

  1. Thank you for this inspiration to shop @ home! Hoping your husband does a quick turnaround and you are home very soon! Maybe you can go around and spruce up the hospital waiting areas while you are there 🙂

    1. Thanks, Marsha, he is doing so much better. We are so grateful. I love decorating each room with some personal touches. Makes for a good feel in the house. Have a great week and thanks for the support.

  2. Glad he’s doing OK! This is a beautiful pop of color. Thank you for sharing it at the Will Blog for Comments #13 linkup. Hope to see you next week, too.

  3. Lynne, I’m happy to hear you and your husband are feeling much better. Take it easy, and thank you for sharing your beautiful vignette with us at the Crazy Little Love Birds link party #11. Always happy to have you join us!

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