Welcome, Friends, I’m delighted you’re here to share these Italian appetizers with me today. Good food brings back good memories. Our dinner guests were old Friends who had traveled to Italy and the food was a relaxed reminder of our trips as we shared stories and lively anecdotes about our travels.

In the picture above you can see a tray set with balsamic vinegar from Modena, olive oil from a single farm source, basil from the garden and bread dipper spices including rosemary and oregano. The small plate in the photo depicts a scene from the Italian countryside. The plate is from a William Sonoma collection.

Here’s a close look . I used two small cream pitchers I found thrifting for the oil and vinegar and a third small glass pitcher for the basil. Each person could then select the fresh basil and add it to their appetizers. The bread dipper will be emptied into a mortar stone bowl and can be scooped on to the bread dipper plate before adding the oil and vinegar. It is so good with fresh bread.

Some newly thrifted Fall placemats with a brown background and fall leaves in reds, golds and greens served as the base for the place setting. William Sonoma Italian small plates and bread dipper plates were added. The placemats pick-up on the gorgeous colors in the plates. Fiddlehead stainless steel flatware accompanies the plates.

We served a Malbec with the appetizers and it really added to the flavors and the overall experience. The cut crystal glasses were another Thrift Store find a few years ago. I found a set of 8 waters, 8 white wines, and 8 red wines. The one above is the red wine glass.

We were eating the appetizers at the bar in the kitchen as the main meal was cooking. That way I could keep an eye on the food and still be a part of the party. We do this quite often and then set the main part of the dinner at a different table. Tonight we were eating “al fresco” on the screened porch.

In the picture above you can see the four table settings and bright yellow flower in a matte finish black hand thrown pot. The flower really pops.

Caprese salad and prosciutto wrapped melon slices along with fresh bread and bread dipper made up the appetizers. Here you can see the ripe tomatoes layered with mozzarella cheese. You would take a slice of tomato to your plate and then drizzle oil and vinegar over the cheese and add some fresh basil. It is truly delicious with all the fresh ingredients.

The melon is an easy appetizer. Just make sure the melon is ripe…this one was beautifully juicy. Then wrap a thin slice of prosciutto around the melon and you are ready to serve. You can see the bread dipper in the picture above along with the Malbec.

This was a great beginning to a lovely evening with a taste of Italy. Have a wonderful week.


28 thoughts on “Appetizers…The Italian Way

    1. Thanks, Joanne. The appetizers worked out really well and look so pretty on the plates. It was a fun tablescape to set up and then sit down and enjoy. Hope you have a great week and thanks for stopping by.

  1. The plates are just so charming. I feel like an impressionist driving through the Italian countryside. 🙂 Thank you for sharing this post at the Will Blog for Comments #8 linkup. Looking forward to seeing what you share next! Have a great week.

  2. I love this idea and the presentation makes it extra special! My husband and I stopped by a winery on our way to the lake yesterday and they served warm sourdough with olive oil. So delicious! Thanks for sharing!

  3. I’m so happy to let you know that this post will be featured Monday in the new Linkup SSPS Party.

  4. Everything looks delicious and I love how you presented it. I especially love the Italian plates, they do bring everything together!

  5. I love the leaf colors on the brown placemats, it’s very pretty! The appetizers sound great! I love bread with an olive oil dip, it’s one of my favorite things (although I don’t eat too much bread anymore due to my stomach issues). That could be a breakfast, lunch, and dinner for me. Thank you for visiting Tell It To Me Tuesday. I hope to see you again this week.

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