Welcome Friends to today’s Blog that is all about…what to do with those little pumpkins and stick balls to fit in with your Fall Decor. So happy you stopped by to join me for this crafty project. I often use items like this in bowls or flower arrangements but I really wanted to try something a little bit different.

So I assembled some sticks from the garden and cut them to about 22 inches in length. I’ll explain why that length in just a little bit.

Next I pulled out some fishing line and my hot glue gun. I measured about 24 inches of fishing line and tied it around the stick and then hot glued the knot to the stick so it wouldn’t unravel. I did this for two additional pieces of line so that I had three on a stick all equidistant apart and about three or four inches in from the ends.

Then I attached the fishing line to the various pumpkins and balls I assembled. I varied the lengths of the fishing line so the pumpkins were at three different lengths on each branch. I consolidated the branches into three to use for the project.

Then the branches were set on the metal part of the chandelier so they rested on opposites of the central portion of the chandelier (about 22-24 inches) and allowed the pumpkins to hang down at various lengths. You can see two of the sticks in the picture above but there is actually a third one there.

From a distance the fishing line disappears and the pumpkins and balls appear to be floating above the table. It’s kind of cool.

The project took about an hour and was quite fun though we did have to play with the lengths a bit after they were assembled and hung. It was a fun project to use some fall decorations that were in my stash. The best part is that when the suspended pumpkins come down they can be reused in a different way for next year. I can’t wait to light candles in here and turn off the electric lights for a little bit of atmosphere. I think they will look great. You’ll be seeing the finished dining room in a few weeks.

Hope you give this a try in your home.


27 thoughts on “A Little Pumpkin Project

  1. OMGosh! This is so cute! Very creative. I love decorating for fall and Christmas. I even put up a fall tree, or as we call it our Thankful tree. I will start putting it up now with all my fall decor. Then, Thanksgiving night, I put up my Christmas tree. The good thing about the fall tree is that I simply change out the decorations, so when I’m stuffed and wore out from cleaning up Thanksgiving dinner, I don’t have to spend two hours putting the actual tree together as it is already up, I just have to redecorate it. I really love this idea. I don’t think I can hang them on my chandelier, but I think I am going to do something like this and hang it from underneath my mantle! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Love this idea. Perfect for fall. I can’t hang them on my chandelier, but I think I’m going to try this by hanging them from underneath my mantle.

  3. I like it! I’m afraid I would add some spooky Halloween bits to it if it were mine! (I do love my spiders and bats!). I couldn’t keep house without my roll of fishing line; it sure comes in handy and I love that floating effect!

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