When you’re in the middle of touring it’s good to take a day off and just have a relaxing vacation day. That’s what we did when we spent the day in Vico Equense. This lovely little town on the Bay of Naples between Pompei and Sorrento offers wonderful views at several lookouts on the cliffs. The sun was shining. A few clouds floated across the sky and the varying blues of the water made for a wonderful picture.

We spent the morning enjoying the water and fresh air and just relaxing than headed to the center of town for lunch at a great restaurant called Tito’s. I had looked it up on line and it seemed like an excellent place with an outdoor space off the street to enjoy the food at the same time as the weather.

You never know how a restaurant will work out ahead of time but in this case we found a wonderfully warm and welcoming restaurant with friendly staff and great food.

The table was set with a woven tablecloth and white napkins. The lunch began with freshly baked bread and an offering of oil and a very nice aged Modena vinegar. The pretty bread plates were rimmed with flowers that picked up the yellow of the lemons that are everywhere in this region. We decided to split the first and second plates and ordered a seafood risotto as the first plate. It was really delicious with mussels, clams, shrimp and octopus and some pieces of red snapper. The rice was al dente and cooked in a lovely light broth. The second plate was a red snapper with a potato and tomato sauce . The fish was perfectly cooked and the sauce delicate and creamy. The meal ended in a beautifully prepared lemon torte made with lemon ricotta cheese. The pastry was delicious, light and flakey. Then the waiter brought a bottle of limoncelllo to the table with two glasses for a perfect finish to a delicious meal. We also had a glass of White House wine to accompany the meal.

We had a wonderful time and had great interaction with our server Margarita. She told us about the food and about the area. My Hubby speaks Italian and I have been learning it so she spoke mostly in Italian with a little English thrown in. Her English was much better than my Italian. However, she was so nice about letting me try. I asked if I could take her picture and she was fine with allowing me to snap her. Also have a wonderful picture of us together at the table. Everywhere we travel we try to take the time to engage with the local people we encounter. Compliment their restaurant, city, view…you get the idea and ask about them. How long have you worked here? lived here? What makes this place special to you?…before you know it you are sharing experiences and making friends. It’s worth the effort. Smile, be happy, enjoy the place where you are now and good things generally happen.

Margarita asked us to wait a moment and went into the restaurant from the terrace and came back with a bag filled with lemons and oranges from her Grandmother’s garden. She explained that she had grown up having the oranges as an afternoon snack and that they were very very sweet. She hoped we would enjoy them and remember our time in Vico Equense. We were overwhelmed. She also discounted the bill because of our friendliness and we came away having enjoyed a wonderful afternoon with a new friend.

If you visit Pompei, take the circumvesuviano to Vico Equense and spend a lovely day by the sea. Have lunch at Tito’s and ask for Margarita. You will have a delightful experience with great food, warm people and a day in the sun.



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  1. That looks like such a beautiful place to explore and your meal and new friend both sound just wonderful!!

  2. What a lovely set of pictures of Vico. When we visited Italy, (motorbike trip) we did not have enough time to visit all the lovely areas.
    I visited you via To Grandma’s House we go! (Wednesday Link Party #345)
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    1. Thanks for visiting. She has a great site. Appreciate the invite and I will definitely check it out. What a great way to see Italy…on a motorbike. We are taking the trains for this trip and really enjoying the scenery. Hope to meet you soon.

      1. We had a blast, but already about 8 years ago, but still great memories. Now not able to do bike any longer, we decided to quit due to our age. Thanks for dropping you link at @esmesalon #SeniorSalonPitStop 258. Please do check back Monday with the new linkup if you made the top 15 or mentioned by other crew members.

  3. These pictures are gorgeous and I’d definitely put this town on my bucket list. Thanks for sharing at Funtastic Friday 434 where I shared #1,2,3, and 4. Warm regards, Nancy Andres at Colors 4 Health

  4. Lynne, sorry about that! I loved this post and don’t you wish you could travel all the time?? We just need that one thing… unlimited money!!! 😀 Sorry I got your name wrong. I know I saw Esme’s comment above and got confused… A duh time! Glad you enjoyed the feature at Share Your Style #387 this past week.

    Happy spring to you,
    Barb <3

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