If you need a quick centerpiece to grace your dining table or living room, gather a few greens and blooms from the garden and…Voila!…in less than half an hour you have a beautiful floral creation. Welcome, Friends, for a little DIY centerpiece all gathered from my garden.

I started with 1/3 of a block of wet floral foam in a small pottery container and a basket of greens and blooms from the garden. The foam was soaked in a mixture of water and floral preservative and some water was added to the container.

I chose a small pottery container that holds 1/3 of a wet foam brick. Leland cypress was used for the base layer. Next a layer of weeping cypress was added. Then a layer of cryptomeria. That pretty much covered the base of the arrangement.

More cypress and greens were added to the top of the foam and camellias from the garden were interspersed with the greens. In the center was a single white stalk of cascading little white bell flowers.

The greens drape over the sides of the container giving it a nice cascade effect. Make sure none of the foam is visible. You can continue to tuck greenery into the arrangement until you are happy.

I added a small bird pick to the arrangement to give it a bit of a holiday feel.

I used the arrangement as a centerpiece for a holiday luncheon for friends. It brought the garden indoors and allowed everyone to enjoy some seasonal florals. The arrangement took about 20 minutes to make. When the camellias are spent they can be replaced with more or with other flowers or add a bit more greenery. All the options will look lovely on your table.


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    1. Hi Robin, I imagine NJ is much colder than here. That was one of the perks of moving further South…milder weather and more flowers. LOL thanks for stopping by and having a wonderful holiday season!

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