It’s August and Summer has settled in for a hot and humid visit. We’ve had rain everyday which is great for the plants but makes the air so heavy. I chose flowers today for their light and friendly feel and paired them with a little “Bee” Tea. Welcome to the Blog, Friends, and a happy Afternoon Tea break.

In the arrangement you see above I’m using yellow roses, micro pompons and sinensis as filler. Yellow and white is such a cheerful combination. The flowers are held by a Lenox vase and sit on a soft yellow and white quilt that covers the coffee table in the den.

The large coffee table in this room is able to hold a tea setting without any trouble.

The rectangular plates are large enough to for an entree, salad, etc. but today they are used for an afternoon snack. I’m serving muffins and chocolate filled croissants with a cup of tea. The yellow bees on the white ceramic plates and cups are so sweet.

Wallace “Bee” flatware goes with the ceramic bee plates and cups as does the combination of silver with gold trim. The flatware is so pretty it is a joy to use.

The napkins are yellow with white embroidery by Pottery Barn. Two Summer teas are on offer: Pomegranate Hibiscus Flower Tea and Raspberry Oolong Tea. A closer look at the tea snack can be seen in the picture above.

The tea can be brewed directly in the cup. Each cup has a built-in strainer for tea. The teapot holds hot water and is poured over the tea and into the cup. You can let it brew until the desired strength of the tea is reached. Everyone can have their favorite tea choice.

Take a moment and just relax and breathe today. A cup of tea, a few quiet moments and some beautiful flowers can make all the difference in your busy life.


18 thoughts on “August Sunday Flowers

  1. What a charming setting you have created. I am also a fan of bees and gravitate toward most things highlighting bees. How lovely it would bee (see what I’ve done there) to spend time with family or friends gathered around this table.

    1. Thanks. I found this china in a unusual estate/shop sale last year. Bees are such hard workers and really hep make the garden thrive. Appreciate you stopping by and commenting.

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