Welcome to the Blog, Friends, for a simple bouquet of flowers gathered from the garden. I’m posting this a day early because we are attending a wedding this weekend and I have a chance to post this now. I love gathering flowers and arranging them in hand held bouquets that then are placed in pretty cut crystal vases.

We moved this long desk into the Great Room from the office. The desk top is Brazilian Rosewood (Padauk) and the base is made from pipe. My talented Hubby made this and we used it for our computers in the office. Now we use our laptops exclusively and sit in lots of areas around the house. We’ll put the desk to better use here.

You can see how nicely the flowers look on this beautiful wood. We’re waiting for the sofa to arrive that will sit in front of this table.

For this arrangement I used Cone Flowers, Hydrangea, Canna Lily and Lemon Verbena. The multi-colored arrangement is so pretty. I love this casual, cottage look.

The vase is centered in the window looking out to the screened porch and the garden.

The table looks so nice in front of the window. The tabletop is a single board which makes such a clean surface for the flowers.

The sofa finally arrived and sits in front of the long desk (now a sofa table). I’ll be doing a post on this room in the next week or so. Love how the flowers have a place to be in the Great Room. Happy Sunday to Everyone happy Saturday, too.


6 thoughts on “Sunday Flowers in the Great Room

    1. I love having a bit of variety in the flower arrangements. Picking them from the garden is an added bonus. Thanks for the feedback on the couch. I really like how it looks and it is very comfy.

  1. Your flower arrangement looks so beautiful my friend! Love that you have them in your living room where you can enjoy them often. Thanks for sharing. Have a great week.

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