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Trains Make the Day

The Biltmore Estate often has many additional displays throughout the grounds for the enjoyment of the guests. We happened upon this wonderful train exhibit set up outside in the Antler Village. The picture above shows one of the trains carrying a replica of Van Gogh’s Starry Starry Night.

This chart shows some of the materials used to construct the models. The habitat is created from all natural materials. It’s quite amazing.

The display includes this vignette of the Roman Colosseum and the Leaning Tower of Pisa. All of the displays are made from natural products…tree bark, seeds, foliage and are wonderful miniature reproductions of the originals.

Here is a Mayan Temple set in appropriate plantings.

An ancient Temple has another spot in the display. There are a number of trains that criss-cross the display. Some are elevated, some come out of mountains or by waterfalls and represent different eras in the evolution of trains.

The Bullet train was the most modern of the trains. It’s sleek body was a stand out in the collection.

Here the Easter Island statues are part of this section of the display. Two different trains on different tracks pass through this area.

A higher traversing train passes over the Great Wall of China. The detail on each of the reconstructed historical buildings is really quite incredible.

The church of Sophia is another wonderful vignette set amongst the plantings. This was a really interesting display combining the fun of trains with the artistry of creative models and vignettes. Next time you are at the Biltmore Estate take a few minutes and enjoy this great display.

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