I am so excited to be joining a group of talented Bloggers today for a Summer Tablescape Blog Hop! All of the links to these talented Bloggers can be found at the end of this post. If you are looking for some creative ideas for your own table settings, I encourage you to visit each of their links.Special thanks to Rita of Panoply for putting this table hop together. She is the best. Be sure and visit her wonderful table setting.

You can probably tell from the picture above that I really enjoy butterflies. Not only are they beautiful but they are great pollinators and I love to encourage them by planting butterfly attracting plants in the garden. Above you can see hydrangea, yarrow and daisies for a lovely cottage garden bouquet. The bouquet is being visited by some very colorful butterflies who will be joining the guests for dinner.

A pretty Butterfly Meadow vase by Lenox acts as the container for the flowers. It is set in the center of a lovely flower covered tablecloth in gorgeous yellows, pinks and greens. The tablecloth is very summery and goes well with the flowers.

The table reflects all the flower and tablecloth colors with chargers in pink and green and plates in blue and white with flowers and butterflies pictured on the china. Even the flatware relates to the garden with another great pollinator depicted on the handles. Bees are a big part of Wallace’s flatware pattern and bees are a huge part of the life of the garden.

Just a note: everything that is pictured to create this Tablescape was thrifted with the exception of the Wallace flatware. Sometimes it takes awhile to gather all the pieces but in the end…the result is worth the effort.

The plate stack begins with a Baroque charger. I used two pink ones and two green ones and alternated them around the table. The dinner plates are in a soft blue with a rim of etched flowers in white by Minton. Finally, the salad/dessert plate is by Lenox in the Butterfly Meadow pattern. The colors all come together beautifully and are reflected in the flowers and the tablecloth.

I couldn’t find butterfly napkin rings to match so ended up making them for the table. They are actually butterfly picks on fairly stiff wire that my hubby twisted into the shape of a napkin ring. The pink, white and green napkins worked well with the butterfly napkin rings.

Ivy is draped around the chandelier and colorful butterflies have found their way to perch on the ivy adding a colorful note overhead.

Butterflies can also be found on the wreath that adorns the window looking out into the garden.

Butterflies even rest on the candlesticks placed on the window sill. They are really enjoying the Morning Room.

An etched Pairpoint water goblet (quite rare) and an etched wine glass, Orchid by Heisey, are paired together. They have the same shapes and look great together even though they are not made by the same company. Somehow they seemed to have the same elegance as the butterfly.

The designs are really quite beautiful.

Other butterfly china can be found around the room. A Butterfly Meadow tea set and four mugs as well as a pitcher filled with flowers sit on a green quilted runner.

The table looks out on the garden. You can see the flowers are flanked by crystal candleholders and lovely pink candlesticks. The chandelier is hung with ivy and butterflies and the candles in silver holders in the window are visited by butterflies. The flower and butterfly wreath can be seen in the window.

Here’s a side view of the table.

Butterflies and bees work together in the garden and on the table to create a lovely setting for us to enjoy.

Summer is such a wonderful time to celebrate with Family and Friends. Make your table inviting and friendly by bringing the garden indoors for all to enjoy.

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49 thoughts on “Butterfly Garden Table Setting

  1. Just soooo beautiful! I need for you to include some of your wonderful recipes, please😊

  2. Hi Lynne, your butterfly accents are so lovely! I really like how you added them to your chandy to create a whimsical touch to your elegant table–pinned! Blessings, Cecilia @My Thrift Store Addiction

  3. What a beautiful table! My sister has that same meadow set from Lenox; she got them for her wedding and they are so pretty. I love that they have so many colors on the plate too so it makes it nice and easy to swap out looks.

    1. The Lenox is so pretty. Your Sister is lucky to have a full set. I’m still collecting. You are right about the colors being easy to coordinate with lots of other china choices. Thanks for commenting.

  4. You have set a table as lovely as the garden itself! I can almost imagine sitting there that the butterflies are fluttering around and the blooms are blowing in the gentle breezes. The stemware is outstanding! Both of those patterns are absolutely stunning. I love delicate pieces like those and they are so difficult to find because so many get broken over the years!

  5. What a lovely table, you’ve brought your garden inside! The colorful butterflies are such fun, flitting around your table, chandy, window sill and landing on your napkins! Love the beautiful bee flatware~ the soft colors on your plates and tablecloth are delightful. What a relaxing spot to dine looking out the window into your yard, and no real pesky bugs to annoy you!

  6. I love the butterfly themed table and you did a great job making the butterflies. The plate stack is so pretty and complements the lovely tablecloth. The etched stemware is elegant and looks perfect on your table. It is a treat to blog hop with you…Happy Summer!

  7. I adore butterflies too! I am thrilled each and every time I see one in the garden. I planted milkweed several years ago and am still hoping for some monarchs.
    Your table is so pretty and your view is lovely into your garden.
    I love your etched stemware. My eye always lites on anything with eching.I have my mother’s and I love it. Her pattern is Meadow Rose by Fostoria.
    Your table is very pretty. Enjoyed your post.

    1. We found a Butterfly breeding cage a few weeks ago and are hoping to hatch some butterflies later this year. We are also trying to grow some milkweed for the monarchs. Appreciate the comments on the tablescape. The crystal glasses are some of my favorites. Thanks for stopping by.

  8. Lynne, you do such a fabulous job of collecting and putting your thrifted finds together. This tablescape is a perfect blend of the china, crystal and textiles! I don’t blame you one bit for buying that Wallace flatware. I have (so far) resisted it now for about four years, but it’s calling my name. The soft pastels here are a nice respite to summer’s heat, and having that view carries the outdoors in so nicely. It’s a great room. I’m just wondering when you’ll be opening up a booth in an antique shop (you don’t already have one, am I right?)….your inventory is growing! Thanks for bringing it all to the blog hop. I always love seeing people who thrift, or shop estate sales and antique shops, to bring the old and make it new again like you’ve done here. Happy summer!

    1. Thanks, Rita. Combining different Thrift Store purchases is a challenge but also a lot of fun. There are no plans to open a shop, although I know I have enough inventory. LOL Always a pleasure to “hop” with you.

  9. Oh, my, goodness, Lynne! Everything looks so lovely on your table. Even the back of the Lenox china is pretty with its butterfly stamp. It must give you great satisfaction to build a tablescape using mainly thrifted items. It is a good lesson to learn from.

    1. Hi Rachelle, it’s fun to see the items you find in a pretty setting. I enjoy the challenge of putting them together. Thanks for stopping by and always a pleasure to “hop” with you.

  10. Lynne, your table is lovely. You have the garden inside with butterflies and bees. I am loving your soft pastels in pink and blue. Your butterfly diy napkin rings are darling. The stemware is so beautiful with it’s etched patterns.Your crystal candleholders are so pretty with the pink candlesticks. I am a big fan of dressing chandeliers. A pleasure joining you. Happy summer.

  11. As usual, your table is just beautiful. I love butterflies and have had artificial ones perching in my home, too. You do such a wonderful job putting your finds together. AND getting your husband to help!!! Loved the etched glasses especially.

    1. The glasses have been a hit. I know the trend is for dishwasher safe but how pretty fine crystal looks on the table. Butterflies are always a favorite in the garden and at the table. Thanks for stopping by and sharing your comments.

  12. Lynne, I’m always amazed (and a tad envious lol) of your amazing thrifted finds! Love that we both have a similar garden and butterfly theme, but totally different stylings. We even both decorated the chandeliers — why didn’t I think to add butterflies too?! It’s all part of what makes these tablescape hops so much fun and inspirational! Like Botanic Garden pattern, I have always loved your Lenox dishes. As Debbee, that Wallace bee flatware is my fav! One of the etched crystal glasses you used looks very similar to my great-grandmother’s Cambridge Rose Point stemware, which I treasure. A beautiful table!

    1. Butterflies are always a wonderful element Tony table. The etched glasses are so evocative of elegant evenings. I love using them on the table. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Always enjoy your Blog

  13. Such a pretty table alight with butterflies and soft pastels florals! I adore seeing them flit and flutter around the garden. I have a few select pieces of Butterfly Meadow Garden that I love to use at the table. I love your delicate etched stemware too! Such a treat to hop with you again, Happy Summer!

  14. This is such an elegant, lovely table! I love the butterfly meadow plates, and I especially like the one with the dragonfly. I enjoy anything inside that’s garden-themed. Your linens are beautiful, too, and they are perfect with your plate stacks. But my favorite thing is the butterfly meadow tea set. I love it!

    1. When I first saw the tea set at a Thrift Store I knew I had to bring it home with me. Couldn’t believe it was in such perfect condition. Thanks so much for commenting.

  15. I just love your choice of soft colors and delicate patterns. It definitely reflects for delicate dance the butterflies do as they flutter through the garden. I can almost see them now gently moving through the breeze. The beautiful floral plates are a perfect choice to enhance the butterfly details. The stemware is awesome. So elegant and adds to the beauty and colors of the butterfly. So lovely to see the butterflies throughout your entire room. It makes me appreciate their beauty as well as their role in nature. Have a great summer.

    1. Butterflies are such assets to the garden both for their beauty and for their role in pollinating the plants. I love to bring them indoors when I can. Thanks for commenting and have a great Summer.

  16. Butterflies are perfect signs that summer has arrived, in the garden and on your table! I like the mix of pastel hues in the linens and flowers, and the garden patterns on the dishes and the glassware. I love your use of vintage goblets — their graceful shapes and elegant etched designs are a delightful contrast to the modern Lenox china. I have similar glassware and really enjoy using it on tablescapes.

    1. It is a pleasure to use lovely crystal . It adds enjoyment to the meal and makes it feel special. It’s worth a little extra time “washing up”. thanks for stopping by and commenting.

  17. Lynne, I love your butterfly theme. Finding all the dishes was brilliant. All your pieces work so well together. The colors are so summery. Your butterfly embellishments are really cute.

  18. Lynn, I adore butterflies and yours are spectacular! I also like the bee flatware…I have that set also and they never disappoint. Always a pleasure to blog hop with you. Kari @ Me and My Captain

  19. Lynne, your butterfly table is so pretty! I love that you thrifted all of the tableware and used flowers from your garden. I’m all about using what you have and saving money by thrift shopping. I also would’ve splurged on the bee flatware, though. It’s fabulous! I love the view of your garden through the window, and the decorated chandy. The overhead photo looks great…I really struggle with those shots! It was fun hopping with you. Happy Summer!

  20. Lynne, your table is absolutely gorgeous! I love the Butterfly Meadow pattern, and you have created such a lovely setting with it. The tablecloth you chose is so pretty and pairs wonderfully with the dishes. Your vintage glassware is such a beautiful touch. It has been so much fun joining you on this hop. Happy Summer!

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