Welcome to the Blog today, Friends. I put together a Summer table setting using some pretty china and flatware that brings to mind the lovely colors of a Summer day. You can see from the picture above that the prominent colors are greens and yellow with a little bit of pink sprinkled into the setting. I was able to thrift everything you see on the table including the tablecloth. I am always amazed that different pieces, found in different stores, at different times, can be brought together to create a pleasing whole.

The inspiration for this table setting came from the tablecloth. I really like the summer feel that this yellow and green striped, tufted tablecloth brings to the setting. The next element I added was the green straw place mat. It made me think of a beautiful grassy lawn.

The plate stack has several elements beginning with the sherbert dish by Tiffin-Franciscan in their “Elyse” pattern. It’s actually a champagne glass but I use it for shrimp cocktail or fruit or dessert. It holds a good-sized portion and looks beautiful on the table.

The plate stack begins with a dinner plate by Nikko. It’s a simple white dinner plate encircled by strawberries and little flowers running around the rim. A Green border on the outer scalloped edge finishes the design nicely. Next I used some salad/dessert plates by Limoges. Each plate has the image of a different herb in the center with the herb leaves and flowers encircling the rim. They are in the same greens, yellows and pinks as the rest of the setting. Everything blends together while still allowing your eye to pick out individual elements.

I have an herb garden and use herbs in cooking as well as in arrangements and for drying. It’s always a pleasure to see them represented on the table.

I love the patterning that occurs when you look through the crystal sherbert glass. It’s a bit like a kaleidoscope.

I paired the china and crystal with International Silver’s “Jubilee” silver-plate pattern. It picks up the flower theme and is quite an intricate pattern.

The water and wine goblets are recently acquired. Gorham’s “Star Blossom” design seemed to fit the flower theme of the place setting. Love how these cut crystal glasses reflect the light.

With so many patterns on the table I chose a simple bouquet of flowers in yellows, greens and mauve to add to the Summer feel.

The flowers are gathered in a cut crystal, stemmed vase.

Here’s an overhead view of the table. You can see how well the colors blend. I set the napkin, held in a simple porcelain napkin ring, diagonally at the edge of the placemat. It helps frame the place setting with the crystal on the other side. The napkin is a simple green and white pattern.

Here you can see the view from one diner to the next. Guests will have no trouble seeing one another across the table.

Looking out into the garden is always a joy. It also means I’m shooting into the light so the picture ends up a little dark. However, you can see the garden is in bloom and that adds to the summery feel of the table setting.

Hope you have the opportunity to enjoy some beautiful Summer weather this week along with a pleasant garden meal.


6 thoughts on “Early Summer Tablescape

  1. Such a pretty table. I smiled when you wrote about using your glassware for different foods! Sugar free Jello or pudding tastes SOOO much better in a pretty glass! Especially with a nurdle of whipped cream. I have a cat that comes running for his taste when he hears the whipped cream can! We KNOW whom this household is maintained for!!!

    1. Your cat story made me laugh. Cats definitely view their humans as staff. For sure you have to make your crystal pieces work in multiple ways. Thanks for commenting.

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