This week it’s all about crystal. Hello, Friends, and welcome to the Blog. I made some fabulous crystal finds this week that I want to share with you today. It’s really difficult to pass on a beautiful piece of crystal glassware and this week was no exception. I found three different patterns and brought them all home.

First, is this beautiful pattern from Gorham crystal called “Lady Anne”. It was produced by Gorham from 1984 – 2017 and has a beautiful stem and cut glass bowl. The many faceted edges really catch the light and make it sparkle.

They have a cross hatch pattern and are quite hefty in the hand. These glasses are unlikely to tip over on the table and guests feel comfortable holding them. They run about $50.00 per glass. I was able to pick-up five glasses and will be on the lookout for a sixth.

Next I found this set of “Star Blossom” Crystal also by Gorham. I was able to find five water goblets and six red wine glasses. they had more but unfortunately they were chipped so I didn’t bring them home. The glasses above are in perfect condition. It was an especially nice find as I already had some water goblets and some white wine glasses. These really helped to complete the set. The stem rises up to the bowl which is cut glass in a leaf pattern. Lots of facets collect and reflect the light with this pattern. It is quite a substantial piece so no tipping with this glass. These run about $16 for the water goblet and $26 for the wine glass. Not too bad.

The last set of glasses are these beautiful etched wine glasses with fluted bowls and quite elaborate stems. The pattern is “Orchid” by Heisey. These glasses were manufactured from 1940 – 1957 and are quite beautiful. I don’t generally buy etched glass but I have one other pattern and these will go well with that pattern. The glasses have a beautiful orchid on either side and are ringed with smaller orchids.

I was able to find seven of these water goblets which run about $40 each. They have some presence and will look really nice on the table.

I was really pleased with my crystal finds this week. Since cleaning out for the garage sale I was even able to find a home for all these glasses. Hope you have some fun thrifting adventures this week.

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18 thoughts on “This Week’s Finds…..A Little Bit of Crystal

    1. Heisey is pricey here as well but this was a good deal. Really thrift store prices which makes it almost impossible to leave behind. thanks for the encouraging words.

  1. Could you educate us on how to identify patterns in crystal? I inherited some etched goblets but don’t know the pattern.
    They may be Cambridge. I am also drawn to crystal when thrift shopping but don’t know how to identify different patterns.

    1. Absolutely. I use Replacements Ltd. for a base price and to identify crystal, china and flatware I don’t know. You go to their site online and in the corner by the header you will see a little camera icon. Click on that. It will allow you to choose a category such as crystal. Click on your category and then click on take a picture. this will allow you to take a picture with your camera. then it will ask if you want to choose to load that picture. Click on that and the picture goes through some recognition software and will identify most patterns. Sounds complicated but once you’re looking at it on your phone it’s pretty simple. I use it all the time when I’m shopping. Good luck!

  2. Hi, Lovely crystal and thank you for the tip on Replacement LTD. Am I missing something or do you never tell us how much you paid for your purchases?

  3. Hi – We are featuring your post on this weeks Fabulous Friday Link Party. Everyone wanted to know about your crystal finds! Congratulations

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