I’m really feeling the need for a little Spring in my life. So join me today for two Spring decor ideas for your home and a “spot” of tea. Welcome to the Blog, Friends. Both of these decor ideas are put together with things from the Thrift Store.

I’m going to start with this great silver tray idea. My Hubby and I have tea pretty much every afternoon. Sometimes it’s just a mug and a cookie and sometimes I get a little more creative. I put this together in just a few minutes and almost all the items came from the Thrift Store.

The tea set is Butterfly Garden by Lenox. The gentleman at Goodwill was literally putting it on the shelf as I walked by and it went immediately into my cart. I really love the lightness and English Tea vibe from this collection of china. It looks so pretty on the tray and the milk pitcher actually holds enough milk for English tea with milk. LOL

I used a pretty linen placemat I picked up last year as the base for the tea. It has gorgeous embroidery in the diagonal corners that pick up all the colors on the tray. The darling little rabbit has a floral collar around his neck and a butterfly that echoes the butterfly on the top of the teapot. You can see he is enjoying the Easter eggs and a carrot snack as we enjoy our tea.

The flowers are held in a tall mason jar which fits really well on the tray. Don’t you just love the way flowers add freshness and life to the tea service?

We’ll be having our tea in Butterfly Mugs from Lenox. They aren’t from the Butterfly Garden set by I like how you can use them together. This way you get even more butterflies to enjoy.

Here’s another look at the tray. I’m all set to prepare our Afternoon tea.

I’ve been thinking about Easter and getting a head start on putting together some decor for the Morning Room. It’s still a work in progress and not ready for Prime Time. However, thought I’d share this really easy Easter Basket with you as the second decor idea using Thrift Store items.

I started with this metal and rattan basket I picked up a few weeks ago. I really liked the shape and the fact that it has a very tall handle and it is elevated on a pretty metal base. I thought at the time I would try it as an Easter Basket.

I filled it with some gift basket filler that I found. In fact, I picked up several large bags as they were only 99 cents each at the Thrift Store. This one is white and gold and looks very pretty in the basket.

Next I used three chocolate Easter bunnies covered in gold foil. I had them in the freezer from last year. I placed them evenly around the outside of the basket.

I added some pretty Easter eggs that were flecked with gold. It tied together the other elements of the basket and looks quite pretty.

The last step was making a big organza bow to attach to the basket handle.

Here’s the finished basket. This really simple basket took about five minutes to put together. I love how it turned out.

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