While it may seem small, the ripple effects of small things is extraordinary……Matt Bevin

There is a lake on a college campus close to where I live and we often walk there. A few days ago I took these pictures. It was a beautiful day, crisp but not cold and there was lots of wildlife to observe. These ducks created ripples as they swam in the dappled sunlight.

“A bird in a nest is secure, but that is not why God gave it wings.”

Matshona Dhliwayo

A rather strange and unusual bird nested on a platform built by the college students. In a short time there will be smaller versions of this same bird and we will be delighting in their playful antics.

Stand tall, stand proud. Know that you are unique and magnificent…..Jonathan Lockwood

Every time I see a Heron I am overwhelmed by his majestic presence. He appears single-minded in his goal and sometimes a bit lonely. This Heron is sharing his lake with a few ducks.

Hope is the thing with feathers, that perches in the soul, and sings the tune without words, and never stops at all…..Emily Dickenson

These wonderful black swans were enjoying some time out on the bank of the lake. The shadows cast from the tree make it appear that the birds are nesting in the tree. If you look closely, you can see the baby swans on the grass near the parent. Can’t wait to see them paddling in the lake.

…..Everyone is a Genius…..But if you judge a fish on its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid……. Albert Einstein

Such a pleasure to see the fish swimming in the pond…..in the sunshine. They manage to stay in their home year round as the pool is quite deep in spots.

…..The wild hawk stood with the down on his beak and stared with his foot on the prey….. Alfred, Lord Tennyson

…..Many go fishing all their lives without knowing it is not the fish they are after….. Henry David Thoreau

This wonderful bronze is located in the same garden as the fish pond. The detail is quite amazing. I thought it an interesting placement.

The walk around the lake was filled with food for the soul and contemplation for the mind. A lovely way to sped an afternoon.

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