It’s back to the Thrift Store, Friends, for another fun treasure hunt. Fall decor has been a little scarce in my area but perhaps it will be more prevalent in the coming weeks. Fall is such a great time to Thrift. The days are cooler and people are clearing out for the upcoming holiday season. Also, my Hubby has been listing things on Ebay so not everything stays and some things we’ve had for awhile are being recycled and going to someone else’s home as a cherished possession.

This week’s finds began with this great runner in blue, white and beige. I’ve found some blue and white dishes lately that I think will go really well with this runner. Maybe a blue tablecloth? or perhaps a white one? This runner has a nice texture that shows well on the table.

Next is this interesting container used for storing glasses.

The inside is quite heavy duty and, in fact, we used it to bring home the glasses we also bought at this Thrift Store. Made for handy packaging.

The first set of glasses are beautiful, green, wine glasses. I don’t know the maker but they are very heavy and I think handblown. You can see the bubbles in the glass. There are a lot of this type of glass on the market. The difference between the good ones and the average ones is weight. The heavier glasses probably contain some lead adding to their weight and leaded crystal is a little nicer. It’s still quite safe to use for drinking beverages. These are simple with some flare to the bowl and remind me of a colonial style.

The next set of glasses are by Libby and have a lovely blue color to them. It doesn’t show as well in this light but they are a pretty deep blue. I have this same style in green. They are a great size for water goblets.

Also found these lovely Waterford Millenium glasses. They came in the original box with all of the appropriate stickers and tags. I have a set of wine goblets like this that I found some months ago. They are quite stunning and, again, quite heavy. I was very excited to find these and bring them home.

The next find was two small pots with lids. I think I will probably use them for jam when serving tea. They are in the popular Butterfly Meadow pattern by Lenox. These pieces add to my collection in this pattern which includes the teapot, cream and sugar and a couple of other pieces. I keep looking for dessert or luncheon plates. Maybe next week?

This two-tiered farmhouse style stand was next. Found this at the local Goodwill. It will make a great display piece for different seasons and holidays. I like that it has a nice wide rim on each of the tiers. It will keep items from sliding off the trays. The stand is made of wrought iron and galvanized tin.

I found this really cute little wooden sleigh that will be good for a Christmas display. Not quite sure what, yet, but I’m hoping inspiration will strike.

Found these three pieces of art…..all at different Thrift Stores. Each one is an original and nicely framed with the frames in very good condition. The first is acrylic on board by a local artist. The second is a cross stitch of a mallard duck on homespun colored cross stitch fabric. The duck just caught a fish. The last one is a watercolor of Warwick Castle in England. We visited there some years ago so it was a nice reminder of a great trip.

Here is a close up of the first painting with the artist’s signature.

Buying Thrift Store art is always a bit of a gamble. However, the prices are usually rock bottom and if you are careful to buy original works and not just prints you can usually do okay. Also, don’t buy something you don’t like. That way you won’t be disappointed if the value is less than you hoped.

It turned out to be a pretty good week at the Thrift Store.

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