Welcome to the Blog today, Friends. I am making my first attempt at styling a galvanized two-tiered stand. The stand was at my local Thrift Store for a really reasonable price so it made its way home with me. I haven’t seen this style very often especially with the wide lip on the shelves. Farmhouse decorating is not my usual but I do love the look as well as hand-thrown pottery and herbs and flowers. Seemed like I could combine those elements into a vignette. Here goes!

The vignette started with this adorable pottery house made by a potter friend. The house curves slightly on the way up adding a touch of whimsy to the piece. I can just imagine this house in a nursery rhyme or fairy tale and it fit perfectly on the bottom tier of the stand. The earthenware color is appealing and fits right into the Fall theme. Next, I filled a pottery jam pot with a selection of Fall flowers incorporating whites, yellows and rust colors.

I thought some earthenware pottery wine glasses were perfect for this setting. French fabric napkins are just waiting for you to take them as you pour yourself some wine.

Behind the wine glasses you can glimpse ceramic pumpkins in browns and greens. I tucked some dried hydrangea flowers into the tray to add some additional color and…… I thought they were pretty.

The view from the backside of the tray shows the ceramic pumpkins contained in a beautiful pottery bowl in the same brown and rust colors. You can see how the colors compliment one another. The limelight hydrangea are starting to turn to their Fall hues. The green petals become tinged with pinks and rusts indicating the perfect time to pick and dry them for the Winter.

The top tier features a few more pumpkins in those great Fall colors. Some additional hydrangea are contained in a pottery drinking cup in a dark green. The cups are actually milk beakers from England. English boys and girls would drink their morning milk from cups just like this.

You can see the back of my favorite rooster as he surveys the scene.

Here’s a front view of Mr. Rooster as he sits atop a pottery rooster jam jar. A nosegay of fresh herbs is next to Mr. Rooster with some lemon thyme and mint gathered in another milk beaker. Hydrangea round out the top tier.

Mr. Rooster seems to be enjoying himself as he shares his perch with pumpkins, flowers, herbs and pottery. Spending your day amongst things you love certainly has its appeal…….though, maybe not as a Rooster. LOL

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