The Blog today is all about a relaxing start to the morning. A good strong cup of coffee or café au lait, a pastry or croissant, a paper to peruse and no interruptions. A perfect beginning to the day. Welcome Friends and have a seat at the table to enjoy a petite breakfast using items from the Thrift Store.

The table setting is casual with breakfast consisting of coffee, croissants, and a little fruit in a bowl. A pretty table setting makes every meal better.

The plate stacks are pretty simple and alternate chargers as you progress around the table.

I used two different Homer Laughlin chargers that work together because they are both black and white. Found these recently for about 90 cents a piece. I really like using porcelain chargers. They make the setting a little more formal and stylish. What could be better for a French-inspired breakfast setting than porcelain chargers in black and white?

The small fruit cups are from Pier 1 Imports. Thee are shaped in the form of a tulip and are useful for all kinds of things at the table. Today they’ll hold some peaches bought fresh from the fruit stand. Next we have some really sweet Williams-Sonoma plates. Each plate has news print in the background and then a French pastry in the center of the plate. I thought these would work well in a breakfast setting. They are black and white with the pastry in the center in golden brown colors. Quite fun! The base plate is a Villeroy & Boch wavy plate. I love the movement these plates impart while looking so simple in their basic white. Finally, to add a little fun to the table setting, I used these monkey coffee cups by Pier 1 Imports. If you’re like me, your coffee cup can’t be big enough first thing in the morning. These cups made me laugh when I found them. Not exactly French but who says everything has to match?

I used a simple runner on the table in a light yellow brocade.

Cut glass, fluted water goblets accompany the place setting. These are so pretty they can go on any table and be at home.

Simple black and white checked napkins held together by a wrought iron napkin ring add to the black and white theme of the table.

The Rogers and Sons silver-plated flatware is simple and elegant in design. Seemed almost like a Fleur de Lis…..or not. Anyway, thought it suited the rest of the table setting.

A wire hen filled with wooden eggs was used as the centerpiece. Perhaps an omelet will accompany the croissants? The hen is flanked by small blue bowls and porcelain spoons just waiting to be filled with a selection of jams.

Here’s the view across the table. Makes me want to sit down and have a bite to eat.

An overview of the table. Nothing is crowded giving every non-morning person their space until after that first cup of coffee.

Hope you all have a pleasant start to your morning. Bon Appetit!

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