Welcome to today’s Blog Friends. I’m eager to show you this recent find. It was, to me, a big surprise when I opened this rather interesting looking crate at the Thrift Store yesterday. We like boxes and especially wooden boxes so this box drew our attention. My Hubby was the first to see it but I was not far behind. You can see it is pretty simple construction. The lid is composed of three boards with two cross boards holding them together. The lid then fits pretty snugly with the cross boards lining up with uprights from the box base. The box is stained kind of a medium brown. It then has a stamp in the middle of the box lid that reads “Thomas Museum Series”.

Well, that was intriguing so, of course, we had to see what was inside.

This was what we found……glass Christmas ornaments.

A plastic sheet lay on top of the ornaments that depicted where each ornament should be stored. Only the car ornament was missing. I wonder what little boy played with that ornament? Maybe it became his favorite and he couldn’t bear to return it to the box after Christmas?

Without the plastic cover it looked like this. Note the pink ribbon loop on the right hand side.

The ornaments are pretty detailed and in nice bright colors that have not faded over time.

The ornament container had handles on two sides (that pink loop) and when we lifted the container out of the box…..there was another layer of ornaments underneath. This one was complete. It had the corresponding plastic template as well and a whole different set of ornaments. There were 30 in all minus the missing car for a total of 29 glass ornaments.

I shared with you some other glass ornaments I found last week…..you can see them here: https://www.thriftingwonderland.com/post/first-week-in-august-at-the-thrift-store

Sadly, still no car but a wonderful selection none the less.

There are some great bears and snowmen amongst the ornaments in the crate. I had already decided to purchase this find even before we opened the box. These wonderful ornaments turned a cool box into a great treasure.

Of course, I had to look this up online and found references on eBay and other resale sites. They sell for upwards of $80. Interestingly some of these sets were also missing the car. Go figure! I don’t always list prices but I’m planning to keep these so I don’t mind sharing. The box and all the ornaments was $5.40. A real bargain.

When you’re thrifting….. open those mystery boxes and you may also find a treasure.

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