Welcome to the Blog today, Friends. I am a big water color painting fan and when I’m in a Thrift Store I always look through the paintings to see what’s on offer. Last Fall I was redecorating the den and looking for some art that would work in that room. I rediscovered this painting by Detlev Nitschke a German artist who painted scenes from Europe as he traveled from place to place. He loved the Plein-Air style which is painting in situ. He opened a studio in 1969 in Berlin to sell his work. He was influenced by American Impressionists and you can see some of that influence in the work above. These paintings are little snippets of life and architecture. You can see a Gondolier and a typical Venetian bridge front and center. A man is crossing the bridge perhaps on his way to work. On the left a woman takes her child to school and someone is bringing their daily shopping home.

I love the reflections of light in the water and the moment in time that the artist is able to depict. So what should you look for in a piece of thrifted art. First, you should like the art work. I loved this painting and the subject matter although I must confess that I did not hang it immediately. In fact, it sat in a stack of art work for some time before being chosen for the wall.

Second, I like original art. I’d rather buy a water color or an oil instead of a print. Having an original created by an artist adds an extra something to the art work.

Look at the framing to determine whether you can hang the piece immediately or have to reframe it. Reframing can add significantly to the cost of the piece.

Research the art work you are thinking of purchasing. I always put the art in my basket and then go online to see if I can find the artist. If it’s in your basket, you have time to make a decision about purchasing without worrying someone else will take the piece.

We all like to find a hidden treasure but that happens rarely so don’t count on it. Buy because you like the subject matter, the framing, the colors, or the size. It’s unlikely you will find a lost DaVinci. However, having said that, when we researched this painting we found that this artist sells well and water colors of this size with a popular subject matter sell for between $200 and $1,100. For an exact price you would need an appraisal, of course. Still not too bad for a $3-$5 purchase.

This painting is in a simple black frame that sets off the colors nicely. We like to show the name of the painting and the artist when possible.

This painting is on a wall space all by itself but grouped with other original paintings in the same color palate. All are Thrift Store finds. Purchasing Thrift Store art can be fun and rewarding and helps you stay in your decorating budget.

Today, I was supposed to participate in a Thanksgiving Tablescape Blog put together by the talented Rita of Panoply, https://wvpanoply.blogspot.com/2023/11/harvest-of-thanks-tablescape.html

Unfortunately due to my husbands emergency surgery I was unable to participate. However, I will be enjoying the Blog Hop and encourage everyone to join Rita and the other creative bloggers for some great Thanksgiving ideas.


8 thoughts on “Finding “That” Thrift Store Painting

  1. I think the secret to any collection, and yours is gorgeous, is same color frames. I like that you have the different mattes. The colors in the mattes unify with the larger areas of color in your larger pieces. Really a very striking arrangement. Fun post! Sandi, I’m a major thrifter.

    1. I definitely agree, Sandi. You have to have a unifying element whether it’s frames, mattes , subject matter or size to coordinate your pieces and give them a cohesive look. Appreciate you topping by and sharing. Good luck with your thrifting excursions. Such fun.

  2. This painting really is lovely. I am a big fan of the Impressionists. One of the pictures in my bedroom is along those lines, but it’s far from being an art piece. I think I bought it at Penneys decades ago! I wish I needed new art because you make me want to go look for it! I have so many pieces in storage as it is. Thanks for sharing this gorgeous tableau, Lynne!


    1. Thanks, Marsha, a piece of art was one of my first purchases ever at a Thrift Store. My husband travels with a magnifying loupe for the purpose of checking out paintings. It makes it easier to determine the type of painting you are viewing. Me, I mostly look for an emotional connection with the piece. thanks for stopping by and sharing. Have a great week.

  3. Really enjoyed seeing your picture in detail and your wall grouping. Over the last couple of years, I have thrifted 3 pictures with white birches (NH’s state tree, my home state). Now, I need a wall to put them on. Several are amatuer watercolors but they move me and that’s what counts! Monet remains my favorite; I love how he paints the sunshine!

    1. Monet is definitely a Master but there are lots of pieces out there that make you feel something…just like you mentioned. I love art that creates a mood or that “speaks” to me. I think the heart has to lead when you’re buying art for your own personal use. thanks for sharing and have a great week.

  4. Lynne, This painting is beautiful and I appreciate how you captured its essence in such a lovely way in your writing. The black frame you chose complements the painting perfectly, adding an extra touch of elegance. Thank you for sharing your find with us at The Crazy Little Love Birds link party #13.

    1. Thanks, Stephanie, always enjoy your Blog. It’s nice to find great art work when thrifting and then finding a place to display it makes it even better. thanks for stopping by and sharing. Have a great week.

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