Welcome to the Blog today. I’ll be sharing with you some ways I’ve used two recently thrifted items in my home decor. It’s always a fun and exciting challenge to display new treasures. Combining them with other finds in a vignette is one of those ways. You can click on the link to see the thrifted treasures I found to use in this Blog.

A Little Thrifting Adventure

In the picture above I have a newly thrifted pottery plate in a vignette with some additional pottery and flowers from the garden. You can see the wave plate I just found and I’m incorporating it with a thrifted table runner in blues, whites and turquoise. A turquoise pot…made by my daughter…is filled with hydrangea and a single cone flower.

I added another decorative pottery plate and a thrifted crystal vase filled with white hydrangea to the vignette. They are sitting on the sideboard in my entranceway. In the mirror you can see the room opposite which I use as a den. It’s still sporting the Spring decor I haven’t gotten around to changing yet. It’s on my list.

Here’s another look at the entire vignette. I love using flowers and pottery together. Pottery always seems to connect and help ground you to the natural world.

This is another find from that same thrift shop. This lovely little Nordic snowflake pull-apart pan came home with me and I couldn’t wait to try it out.

I used a simple lemon loaf pan recipe and then poured it into the pan. The pan was first sprayed and floured to help prevent sticking.

It came out of the pan easily and looks good. The cake is nice and moist with a nice brown crust.

I sprinkled it with a little confectioner’s sugar and then transferred it to a brighter serving plate.

the yellow plate sets it off beautifully. I served it with a “spot” of Afternoon Tea. It really does pull apart easily. Each of the sections is a single piece or you can put several pieces on a plate at one time. You don’t even need a knife although I did use one and a serving piece.

A pretty teapot, some lovely cups and saucers, summer plates with lace bordered napkins make for a pretty setting. I used a crystal vase filled with hydrangea for a centerpiece and set everything on a white linen, embroidered cloth…simple but pretty.

My thrifted pull-apart pan worked beautifully and I will definitely be using it this winter. It’s so nice to be able to use the treasures you find at the Thrift Store in your everyday life. The pottery plate and the baking pan fit right in. Hope you find some great treasures on your next outing.


23 thoughts on “Using Those Thrifted Treasures

    1. I was anxious to see a pull-apart cake baked in that pan. Fascinating, lovely, and cool.

      1. It really turned out well, Denise. it actually does pull-apart easily and without using a knife. Great for a holiday party. thanks for visiting and sharing

  1. I love your blue plate behind the flowers, lovely, do you do pottery and made them yourself?
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    1. I wish I was talented enough to make some pottery but, sadly, I’m not. However, I do enjoy finding it and displaying it. I love the blue plate, too. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. love your thrifted treasures. Like you, I would much rather shop at my local thrift stores than the big department stores.

  3. Wonderful treasures! That snowflake pan is just gorgeous though! I love the pop of the cake on that yellow plate, too <3 Hope your weekend is off to a wonderful start!

  4. Lovely treasures! That snowflake cake pan is gorgeous and love how the cake popped on that yellow plate! Hope you enjoy a lovely weekend!

  5. I am in love with the snowflake pan! I have been on the search for Nordicware, but have not had any luck yet. In our small town, we no longer have department stores, everything has closed up, and so the thrift stores are where it is at. Unfortunately, they know this, and the prices have skyrocketed! Thank you for sharing your finds, and the lemon cake I am sure is mighty tasty!

    1. Nordicware is my go to baking pan. This week I found two additional pans that I’ll be sharing in a Blog. sometimes things seem to go in spurts and I’ll find lots of a particular item. Don’t really know why that happens. I’m hearing from everyone that thrift Store prices have gone up in their areas. The same is true here, as well. It makes finding good bargains more difficult. Thanks for stopping by and sharing. Have a great week. The cake was very tasty. LOL

    1. The cake pan worked out really well. I found some others this week I’ll be sharing with you in another post. The Nordicware pans are really terrific and the results look great on the table. Have a great week.

  6. First time reader here, from Natalie’s Coffee Share. I love everything about this post – the styling, colors, the cake! I will certainly read more of your posts. I searched for an ‘about me’ page to no avail. Have I missed it? Curious about who you are and where you live.

    1. So happy you found the Blog, Suzanne. I’m having a few issues with it right now that I hope will be fixed this weekend. Briefly, I love in the Upstate of South Carolina and worked as a teacher and librarian. I still teach classes occasionally and love to thrift and decorate. Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing

      1. Hi Lynne, thanks for sharing that information. I had you pegged for a Brit! Ha! We love the coastal areas in South Carolina and have never ventured much farther than that. I love the beauty and peacefulness of your posts. I will be back to follow. Good luck with fixing the glitches.

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