Gardens are a little bit of Heaven on earth. Enjoying the beautiful colors and shapes that grace a garden is a special respite from the concerns of the day. Seeing a beautiful rose opening to the sun with lovely droplets of water caught in the petals is a gift.

Gardens come in all shapes and sizes from beautiful window boxes to large estate gardens. Anyone can have a bit of glorious color for their home. All you need is a container and some blooms and you have a miniature garden of your very own. These purple petunias make a wonderful showing.

This garden is an old-fashioned border garden set in a walled garden. The stone sets off the blooms beautifully.

Hydrangea make a wonderful showing as they turn from light green to deep pink against their dark green leaves.

Gardens can be of the water variety as this lily blooms in a sea of greens and purples.

This formal Italianate garden is beautiful even on a rainy day. The mountains in the background are an added bonus. Have you noticed it can sometimes rain in spots at the same time the sun is shining?

Bees are visiting these purple Iris and sharing their pollen to ensure a continuation of the plants for the next season.

A formal topiary garden adds beauty to the landscape using geometric shapes and variation in color.

Is there a garden more beautiful than one which overlooks the sea?

Bright Pink lilies add their beauty against the dark green leaves and stems in this hedge.

Love the birds flying about this lovely little urban garden in the middle of a square.

This unusual spider mum makes a spectacular display in the border garden.

There is so much variety available to us. Why not cultivate a little garden of your own and bring a bit of beauty to your surroundings and into your life. Flowers are a gift and one we should enjoy. Hope you bring some beautiful blooms into your life this Summer.


30 thoughts on “Gardens A Plenty

    1. Container gardens are wonderful, Joy. I just planted a couple of herb container gardens so they could be right outside the kitchen. I know you will enjoy them all summer long. Thanks for visiting and sharing.

    1. Thanks, Paula. Gardens and flowers make great photos and I love to share what I see. Happiness is Homemade is a great link site. Thanks for visiting and sharing. Have a great week.

  1. Beautiful photos! I enjoy gardening and the joy of seeing blooms open. Thank-you for sharing a view of so many lovely gardens!

  2. Absolutely stunning flower pictures. Wish I had a flower garden
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    1. Thanks, Esme. Really enjoy sharing on your site. Love taking pictures of flowers and gardens and sharing them with everyone. I use Thrifting Wonderland for Facebook and Instagram. thanks for stopping by and letting me know.

      1. Thank you so much for providing you info, I will add it to the database

  3. Love the hydrangea and the rest of the gardens are beautiful! Have a great Pink Saturday and a great week ahead ❤️

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  5. Not sure if my first comment posted. I love your garden visits, and so happy you shared on Tuesday Turn About. I’m delighted to be featuring your post this week! Pinned!

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