When you’re traveling or vacationing at the beach, in the mountains or in a major city many people book into an Air B&B so they can combine eating out and eating in. I love to see all the different offerings for tableware and flatware that are represented by vacation hosts. There’s no reason you can’t set a nice table even when on vacation. A pretty table makes even the most simple meal taste a little better.

For our simple dinner in Orvieto I used a pale yellow tablecloth and some bright deep aqua placemats shot with white. Ceramics in Italy are very colorful with large overall patterns. The ones I used for this setting are in shades of blue, off-white and brown. These are really classic colors and I enjoyed seeing this combination on the table.

I started the table setting with a soft yellow tablecloth. I found some pretty blue placemats show with white that matched the colors in the china. The placemat makes against the soft yellow makes the setting stand out. A solid blue bowl sits on a salad/dessert plate in an overall pattern of blue and brown with a white background. The dinner plate sports similar colors with an overall blue background that matches the bowl. A simple white napkin is placed beside the china. On the other side is flatware with a soft grey handle.

I had to search a bit for a centerpiece but finally came up with a woven placemat which serves as a base for a sweet rustic owl. The owl seems to be commenting on dinner. I think he approves…don’t you?

The bowl didn’t have a maker’s mark so I can’t tell you who makes it. The plates are made here in Italy. I think the combination made for a very nice table setting for two that reflects the tastes of another culture that we can enjoy.

We enjoyed a simple dinner of soup with some really great vegetables and a sprinkling of cheese on top along with some bread and, of course, a wonderful San Giovese wine from the local shop. Some cheese and fruit (not shown) completed the meal. It was fun seeing what I could find to set a pretty table on vacation.

Here’s a picture of the Duomo in Orvieto at night. Quite spectacular. Ciao!


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    1. Thanks Mary Lou. Wish you cold be here to share all this but I know you will really enjoy your trip to England. Say hello to your family from us and see you when we are all back in the states.

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