Welcome, Friends, I’m delighted that you are visiting here today. On a recent visit to the Thrift Store I ran across a couple of items I want to share with you. In the picture above you can see this lovely little bird bath made from wrought iron. The paint is a bit chipped but that gives it much of it’s appeal. The birds are a bit worn and appear speckled and very appealing in that “Shabby Chic” way.

Here you can see the whole bird bath. I’m sure you can imagine why I fell in love with it immediately. I couldn’t wait to bring it home and I had the perfect use for this lovely little bath.

I lined the bird bath with stones left over from another project. The stones/pebbles are quite smooth and a reasonable size.

Next I filled it with water so that the water came up the sides of the stones. The stones will make the perfect place for butterflies to alight as they drink water from the…newly made …butterfly bath. Butterflies need places to drink from just like birds. They need to be shallow so the butterflies will not drown in the water.

When the butterflies begin to visit the flowers in my garden I’ll move the bath outside so they have food and drink and will find my garden a haven. Butterflies, like bees, are great pollinators and you want to be invite them into your garden. Creating a friendly and nurturing habitat is a great way to begin.

The next thing I brought home from the Thrift Store were four glasses that were priced at $1 each. The glasses are quite pretty. I especially liked the stem on these glasses. I was unable to find the maker but I liked that they have some weight to them. They won’t easily tip over when filled with wine and make a nice addition to a table setting.

I’ll be using these in a table setting soon.

So here you can see the two purchases from the Thrift Store this week. Hope you find some wonderful treasures on your next outing to the Thrift Store.


8 thoughts on “A Little Thrifting Adventure

  1. I’ve never seen anything (new or old) like that tray before. How unusual & nice that you created a respite for the butterflies.

    1. I loved the look of the tray and thought it would be perfect for the butterflies. I love to see them in my garden. They are so beautiful. Appreciate you stopping by and commenting.

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