Hill at Loughcrew Cairns

The many shades of green in an Irish countryside speak to me of Spring. The sea is visible in the distance as your gaze takes you past the gently rolling hills…a quintessential scene of pastoral beauty. Behind me on a high hill sits an ancient Irish Passage Tomb holding the secrets of the early people who made their homes in this beautiful land.

It’s time to change the gallery wall in the Morning Room. A look back at a wonderful Irish trip seemed a great way to go.

Ireland is the “land of a thousand welcomes”. The people are exuberant and friendly and have a genuine wish for you to enjoy their country. So a welcome sign seemed appropriate.

Drombeg Stone Circle

Stone circles dotted the fields appearing engaged in a dance to music only they could hear. And yet, if you listened closely, you could almost hear wisps of melody carried by the wind as it wound in amongst the dancing stones. Ireland is a land of myth and legend, of scholars and kings and still holds its magic for those who wish to see.

Sheep dot the countryside, identified by bright blazes of color on their backs. The roads belong to them and drivers are on the look out for sheep crossing from field to field. Sometimes you’ll see a whole herd and then you just stop the car and get out to have a chat with the farmer as the sheep wander across your path. Time shows down and allows you to enjoy these little slices of life.

Hidden glens flowing with spring water tumbling over rocky decent are not far from the path. They are their own secret worlds. The Sidhe, the ancient magical inhabitants of the the land of Ireland, claim these glens as their own. Their domain is the underworld but still they visit the upper lands when they wish.

Pulanbrone Dolman

Huge tombs are constructed in the Irish landscape and are said to hold the burial remains of ancient Irish heroes. The landscape is as changeable as the weather.

Lusitania Memorial

Historical events are commemorated and built to take advantage of the sea and the views. The Lusitania was sunk not far off the Irish shore and fishermen in small boats sailed to rescue as many as possible and bring them safely to shore.

The Publicans are friendly, the seafood is delicious and the local cat is happy to join you for a meal.

The western coastline is one gorgeous picture after another of rock cliffs and sea water meeting at the edge of the European world.

Skellig Michael, famous in the “Age of Scholars” when Christianity was preserved here in Ireland while the rest of Europe was consumed by the Middle Ages, still casts it’s spell. The Monk’s settlement remains and you can visit but it is not an easy trip.

A still pond filled with colorful lily pads and reflecting the beauty of over hanging trees is a quiet place to reflect on the whimsical soul of the Irish land.

The strength and power of a falcon as it lands on your wrist…

The tenacity of life as it bursts forth on craggy ground in the Spring…

Ancient tombs waiting to be explored…

…and ancient seats of power in the middle of a farmer’s field are all reasons why Ireland is part of my Spring Gallery wall.

Peace and serenity abound in the many vignettes captured everywhere you look.

These scenes, these memories are on my wall and in my heart.


12 thoughts on “Changing the Gallery Wall

      1. Some day! My daughter is my travel buddy and she’d like to go to Canada next winter. If we can afford it, I’ll go with her and her roommate. There’s a concert they want to attend. I’d go for Canada’s beauty. Ireland is coming, though!! 🍀

  1. I enjoyed my armchair trip to Ireland; thank you! My ex was Irish and he was the only member of his family who never went. Grace O’Malley was a 16th century pirate that the English almost hanged but for a last minute pardon; I wish I knew the exact kinship! My favorite Irish singer, Tommy Makem (who sang with the Clancy Brothers) used to say that “Ireland was the land of happy wars and sad love songs.” He researched and recorded a lot of the old songs so that they would not die out.

  2. How special to travel too Ireland. The photos are a lovely reminder of your trip. Love your gallery wall. I am pleased to feature your changing gallery wall at Love Your Creativity.

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