I get frequent comments and questions about Thrift Stores in my area so today I thought I’d show you where I shopped today. I went to four different Thrift Stores about 40 minutes away. These happen to be in North Carolina. The picture above is from one of my favorite shops, The Humane Society Thrift Store. They have an interesting way of pricing.

This store offers 50% off of up to 10 items most days and an unlimited number on Monday. On your Birthday you are allowed 65% off. You do have to wear the birthday hat and have Happy Birthday sung to you. It can be quite fun.

This store is great because of the prices but also because everything is very organized. The have lots of brand name items and everything from pottery to good china. They have sections of crystal, kitchenware, linens, antiques, jewelry and furniture as well as the usual clothing. Everything is clean and it is a pleasure to peruse the shelves. I almost always find some great items here.

The next shop is in the same general area but not quite as upscale. However, their prices are quite good. This is a set of everyday Wedgewood china with a tea and a coffee pot.

This shop has some interesting specials that you can see above. There are Valentine specials taking place right now. They also had some Johnson Bros. plates, some 5 for $1 plates…a few of them were nice and from Bavaria, and a craft room, kids room, kitchenware, etc. Things in this shop are well organized and the volunteers are nice and helpful.

The next shop is very large and has an eclectic mix of wares. They have furniture and lots of crystal, china, jewelry, linens and odds and ends. They have a discount area in the basement where things are 50% of the listed price.

You can see the number of eclectic items for sale. They have lots of sets of china and crystal from well-known high end names. Their prices are a bit higher but they regularly have sales for sections of the store. This day all art work was 25% off.

The final Thrift Store supports a Women’s Shelter…a worthy cause. They also do training and run a cafe. The picture above is their household/kitchen area. Prices are excellent at this store and I often find a few things to pick-up.

They have a great kitchen area, linens and glassware and pottery.

This shop also gets some great draperies and I found several great deals for Pottery Barn linens. they are always well labeled and, as you can see above, great prices. Everything is usually in great condition so buying there is a pleasure.

Hope this has given you an idea of the kinds of places I shop for Thrift Store items. Another time I’ll share stores that are closer to my home with you. In the meantime…Happy Thrifting.


4 thoughts on “Some Thrift Stores I Visit

  1. Looks like the stores you frequent are well organized. A couple in my area are real hunting & gathering expedition. Not so planned or organized. Sometimes I’m not in the mood for that.

  2. I think your readers would appreciate you giving the actual names of the thrift stores. I know I would like to be able to shop them when I’m in the area! Thanks Lynne, love your blog!

    1. Thanks, Susan. Between Flat Rock and Hendersonville is The Humane Society Thrift Store. across the street is a consignment shop called /feather Your Nest. In Hendersonville is The Hospice Shop and also Safe harbor Thrift Store. Good luck in your shopping.

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