Blue and yellow is such an appealing color combination that I haven’t used in awhile so, today, we’re going a little “Thrifted French Country” in the tablescape. When I’m buying dishes at a Thrift Store I have a few criteria that I try to stick to. First, of course, is whether the dishes appeal to me or not. Second, who makes the dishes? Third, are the dishes in good condition…no scratches or chips? Are there enough dishes to set a table for four? Do I have anything already at home that will work with these dishes? After asking and answering these questions to myself I’ll decide whether to purchase. Does price play a part? Of course, as long as they fall within my purchase price range I’ll consider them. If they are really special or unusual, I might go over budget just a bit.

I really like how these two plates compliment one another. The colors aren’t the same but they blend and the feel of the plates is similar. I didn’t buy them at the same time. You kind of keep an inventory in your head listing what you have and what you might want. I sometimes keep pictures on my phone of items I’m trying to match or blend. That can be very helpful.

These plates come from great makers. The salad plate is Doulton and the dinner plate is a Fitz & Floyd. They will both last a long time if cared for properly. Aren’t these colors gorgeous?

The napkin ring is also in blue and yellow and blends nicely with the plates. The napkin is a bright and busy pattern that works with the French country feel of the setting. Both are thrifted items found at different thrift shops.

Add some yellow and white flowers in varying shades displayed in a country pitcher (thrifted) and you pull your table together. The plain, deep blue, thrifted tablecloth acts as a background allowing the colors to really shine.

A simple, loosely woven placemat in neutral tones acts as a great background for the plates. This is paired with a country-styled set of anodized flatware. Love how this looks with the plates. Both these items were recently thrifted.

The crystal is Opal Innocence by Lenox. I kept the water goblet and the wine in the same pattern, one of my favorites. The vine pattern on the glasses works well with the French Country look. These were thrifted a couple of years ago and were a wonderful find.

Here’s an overview of the table. You can see how all the colors come together.

A look across the table from one place setting to the next. You may not purchase all the pieces to a setting at one time or in one thrift store but adjusting your mental picture helps you create settings as you find pieces that will go together. Nothing on this table was purchased at the same time. The items probably all came from different stores but they all fit together for a lovely table setting. That’s part of the fun of thrifting.

Mixing and matching is a great way to set an interesting table. Your guests will be surprised and delighted.

The best part…you’ll have a great time choosing the pieces for your tablescape. Happy Thrifting!


22 thoughts on “Thrifted French Country Tablescape

  1. What a pretty table setting! I appreciate your thoughts about how to choose pieces that will complement each other, and about the brands that are enduring.

    1. Hi J, thanks for the kind words. Thrift Stores can sometimes be a bit overwhelming so having a plan really helps. Hope your next adventure is a good one. Appreciate you stopping by and sharing.

  2. Love those plates! I’ve not seen anything like them from those 2 companies More formal Doulton & more geometric F&F is what’s found near me. Great minds think alike as I also go through those same points in my head while looking. But, do you not do the same for your dining table? That would require more place settings. Or do you have a separate plate design list for the dining table? My plate number used to be 12 at a time. If I knew that I’d eventually find more of a pattern, then 6 would be my magic number. I can seat max 5(6?) at my kitchen table and 12 at my dining table.

    1. Hi Robin, I do have sets that have more than four plates that I use for larger dinners. Some have 12 place settings and I have a set of white dishes for 12. I find that we entertain on a smaller scale since Covid so don’t buy in such numbers unless its a really good deal. Six or eight place settings is more likely these days. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  3. I really enjoy seeing how you put your tablescapes today. I have had several friends who loved blue and yellow together–and Monet’s kitchen was blues and yellows! As winter is Maine is TOO long, it won’t be long before I bring out my faux daffodils for a fix of spring!

    1. Hi Kathy, Monet is such a favorite of mine and the blue and yellow combination speaks to French Country style. Winter won’t last forever but it is so nice to have a reminder of Sporing. Bring out the daffodils. My hyacinths are up now and its so nice to see them. Won’t be long before all our gardens are blooming. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Oh, I love this tablescape! I dream of finding some pieces in these French Country colors when I’m out thrifting – and now that I’m retired (yay!) I’ll be out thrifting more often, 😁

  5. Stunning tablescape that I pinned. Visiting from Wonderful Wed. Happy Feb. and enjoy these fabulous thrift finds. Nancy Andres @ Colors 4 Health

  6. I’m amazed that you were able to purchase these beautiful dishes at a thrift store. What a gorgeous table ! Blue and Yellows are my favorite.

    1. Hi, Judee, I’m actually doing a post on some of the Thrift stores I visit that are about 45 minutes from my home. They always have some great pieces. Thrifting varies across the country and I seem to be in a good spot. thanks for visiting and sharing.

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