“A flower cannot blossom without sunshine, and man cannot live without love.” — Max Muller

Love and Flowers like love and chocolate just seem like natural pairings in our modern world. Enjoying a lovely meal at a beautiful table is a time honored tradition for Valentine’s Day. Today, I’m joining a group of very talented Bloggers led by our lovely Rita of Panoply who will share with you a wonderful array of creative ideas for your Valentine’s Day table setting. You’ll find the links to all their Blogs at the end of this post. Pour yourself a cup of your favorite beverage and settle in for a lovely array of Valentine Tablescapes.

Welcome, Friends, to the Blog today. I have to be honest and say that I really didn’t know what look I wanted for my Valentine table this year. The first thing that came to mind was a beautiful bunch of pink roses so that’s where I started. Many of us receive flowers for Valentine’s Day but, as a Blogger, I’m always working several weeks before the holiday so I usually buy flowers for the early table settings. Off to the grocery store I went and came back with these beautiful pink roses and lovely greens. My local store sells flowers for 3 bunches for $10…a pretty good deal. I arranged the flowers in one of my very favorite thrifted crystal vases and set them in the middle of the table. What next?

I knew I had a pretty white tablecloth edged in green with scattered flowers in pinks composing the design. It seemed the perfect base for a Valentine’s Day table.

The tablescape came together quickly after those first two choices. Here you can see the plate stack. A ceramic charger in pink is at the base and looks a bit like the head of a flower. (Maybe I’m stretching that just a bit. LOL) I chose a Spode, “Jewel” dinner plate and bread and butter plate. You can see the beautiful filagree design around the scalloped edge of the plates. In the center of each plate is a beautiful pink rose just like the ones in the bouquet. A thrifted Johnson English flowered plate is in-between to add some interest and another layer of flowers. The napkin sits at the top left on the plate and forms another rose.

I found the Spode plates in a little town that seemed to be struggling. We stopped at the Goodwill and didn’t find anything and then looked through the dish section. The Spode dishes were mixed in with scratched and chipped dishes and were absolutely filthy but we weeded them out and brought them home. They cleaned up beautifully. I thought at the time that someone must have loved these dishes sometime and now they would be loved again.

The flatware is a silver plate pattern that reflects the flowers in the tablecloth. “Jubilee” by International Silver in 1953 is a Thrift Store find from a few years ago. I love using this pattern as the flowers are so clear and well-defined.

The crystal is Lenox’s “Opal Innocence” and adds a subtle vine pattern to the table reflecting the vines in the tablecloth. These were found at my local Thrift Store a few years back. People often think Thrift Stores are filled with junk and cast offs but they are also filled with treasures, if you are persistent.

Here you can see the trio of glasses; a champagne, water goblet and wine glass. The flowers, tablecloth, plate stack, flatware and crystal all come together in a beautiful setting for two.

My Hubby is the King of My Heart and I’m the Queen of his so we both have a crown filled with goodies for Valentine’s Day. It’s another bouquet to add to the table. To see how I made these you can click on the link:

Sweet Treats are always a part of Valentine’s Day so I have a plate of cupcakes and mini donuts for a scrumptious dessert at the end of the meal. They sit on another Spode dinner plate with the rose showing in the center.

The wall behind the table is also decorated for Valentine’s Day. A simple Valentine’s Day craft made from a tin container sits on the gallery wall along with a welcome sign decorated with hearts. Flowers rest on a Valentine runner and even the grow lights are pink. LOL

Love is such an important part of life it’s worth celebrating each and every day.

Now I hope you’ll click on the links below to visit the other Bloggers and their wonderfully creative ideas for a Valentine’s Day Tablescape. Thanks, Rita, for all your hard work in putting this hop together. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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73 thoughts on “Start with Flowers…Valentine Tablescape

  1. Hi Lynne, “Start with flowers” is good advice for any day as far as I am concerned! I love your beautiful floral plates and tablecloth–pinned!

  2. Lynne, flowers are usually my first thought! Your thrifty Spode find certainly makes a stunning dish stack. Love the idea of the mini hearts in the crown. I will remember that as I have two crown containers that friend gave me years ago. I love using them at a place setting, and this would be a cute idea. It’s always a pleasure to join you on a tablescape hop. Happy Valentine’s Day

  3. All the elements work so very well together — the roses, the vine on the goblets and tablecloth, the patterns in the plates and flatware. It is so beautiful! It is the more amazing when you realize that these items were purchased separately because they were lovely and appealing. It takes a great eye to discern that when shopping and to put these items together in a lovely setting.

    1. Thanks, Elle. Part of the fun of thrifting is figuring out how what you already have goes with what you’re thinking of buying. It’s just like solving a puzzle. Thanks for stopping by and sharing.

  4. Very Pretty Lynne…you set a beautiful table and starting with flowers will never go wrong. The pink roses are lovely as is your setting. When I saw your “dream” sign…the line from the movie “Pretty Woman” came to mind when the gentleman crossed the street saying…’what is your dream”? My dream is for a wonderful and sweet Valentines day celebrated in any way one chooses…fancy, plain. with groups or intimately but always showing love to all. Happy Valentines day

  5. I love your beautiful table! The flowers are so pretty; the tablecloth goes so well with them as well as your gorgeous plate stack. Lovely.

  6. So delicate and pretty. Your tablecloth makes me think of an English cottage so cozy. You always come away with something amazing when you are out thrifting! Great job.

  7. Over the years, I have found several random pieces of that Spode pattern; so far I have put them in my vintage booth–but if I ever find a GROUP of them, I will succumb to temptation to keep them. I have a collection of vintage/antique plates and dishes with pink roses. As my favorite flower is a pink rose, I just loved your setting! You pulled everything together so well!! I think the only thing I would add is an in-the-distance candle with a rose fragrance!

    1. Thanks, Kathy. Good suggestion about the candle. I thought about shooting some night pictures but…Would love to see pictures of your collection. Sounds lovely. Thanks for sharing.

  8. The Spode is divine. Love how everything ties in with the linen. You have good flower prices at the grocery. At our grocery store it used to be $10.99 for 3; then $12.99; now it is $15 for 3. Today I bought 3 bunches but winced.

    1. Hi, Robin. Prices are really going up making me look at Faux flowers as a supplement. One store I frequent just put their prices up to 3 for $12. Can’t wait until my own garden starts blooming. Thanks for sharing.

  9. A very pretty table Lynne. The tablecloth is perfect. Starting with flowers is such a joy. The Spode dishware is lovely. The crowns filled with goodies is so special. A pleasure joining you on this Valentine’s Day blog hop.

  10. I love those goblets. You mentioned GoodWill. It hurts my soul to see a lifetime of collecting donated only to be separated and mishandled. One of the employees told me once they had a box of China that was so dirty they threw them out. To which I said “OMG Where is the dumpster ?”

  11. So pretty Lynne! Love the roses, they always say Valentine’s Day to me and they are so perfect with your floral cloth and beautiful plates. The little crowns full of treats look so cute, what a sweet scene! I love how you always decorate your sideboard to, so cute with the hearts!

  12. I love floral patterns, and yours are so pretty! The tablecloth is gorgeous, and it anchors everything on your table well. Your plate stack is feminine and is the epitome of Valentine’s. But your wall!!! I love it. You have so many Valentine’s details, from the sign to the flowers to the adorable heart runner. Your craft on the shelf is so pretty. 😀
    Happy Valentine’s!
    Ricki Jill

  13. Lynne, the first thing that caught my eye was your beautiful tablecloth and then the perfect combinations for your plate stack. I would love to go shopping with you and find such lovely pieces thrifting. I also love the rose napkin fold. I want to try that one of these days. Your etched glassware is lovely.
    Have a lovely Valentine’s Day. Your table is ready and so beautiful.

  14. Lynne, this table came together beautifully. I really love those Spode plates and how you layered the Johnson plate between. It goes perfectly with the tablecloth and flowers. That Jubilee flatware, I think, is my favorite element on this table. It’s gorgeous! You do such a great job of combing through thrift stores to select great finds. You have a keen eye when it comes to finding the needles in the haystacks! Thanks for bringing your Thrifting Wonderland style to the blog hop!❣️

    1. Thanks, Rita. Always love hopping with you. This was such a fun theme. Valentine’s Day is perfect for bringing out pretty china and crystal to share. Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day!

  15. Lynne, What beautiful plate stack topped with your stunning Spode plate with sweet little rosebud! I know your Spode plates are happy now that you rescued them and brought them home. I love all the other floral details on your table including your pretty Jubilee flatware, rose napkin fold and pretty blooming tablecloth. Your ‘welcome’ sign with hearts is so festive too. As always, it’s a treat to join you at the table and hop with you. Happy Valentine’s Day ♥

  16. Lynne, your table is beautiful! I love love the pretty tablecloth and rose fold napkin, and the Spode is absolutely gorgeous! You must have an amazing thrift store near you to find such gems. Pleasure to hop with you and wishing you a happy Valentine’s day!

  17. Lynne, I love the plate stack with the pretty Spode plates. The tablecloth is lovely as is the rose napkin fold. Flowers are always a smart place to start for table inspiration. I agree the Jubilee flatware’s floral design is beautiful. It is a treat to hop with you. Wishing you a Happy Valentine’s Day!

  18. This is SO beautiful Lynne – soft and romantic and gorgeous with all those lovely roses. The Johnson Brothers pattern is one of my very favorites, and the Spode is stunning. Amazing what you can find at Goodwill, right? Thanks for the beautiful moment with this one, and Happy Valentines!

  19. Hi Lynne, I love the delicate and intimate feel of your gorgeous Valentine’s Day tablescape. You are so right, thrift stores contain so many discarded treasures. I love to rescue pieces from them from time to time too. Your pieces will definitely be cared for and loved once again. The plate stack is so stunning with various plates, all of which worked perfectly together, especially with the delicate stemware. I adore your sweet crown. Yum! I hope you have a wonderful Valentine’s Day.

  20. Lynne, Wow! That plate stack is just amazing! How fortunate you were to find those beautiful dishes at that Goodwill store! Your place settings pair with your lovely linens so wonderfully. What a charming table this would be to sit down at with my love! Happy Valentine’s Day!

  21. Lynne, what a beautiful Valentine’s Day table. Your tablecloth is so pretty paired with those lovely Johnson Brothers plates. The sweet treats look scrumptious! It is such a joy to join you on this hop. I hope that you have a happy Valentine’s Day!

  22. Lynne, I love the flowers theme of your tablescape! The roses are gorgeous. What a bargain too! Fantastic find at the Goodwill. Your plate stack is particularly gorgeous! (All of our local thrift shops have gotten wise to the value of things and put anything with any perceived value in silent auction’s that rotate every month and the collectors know this and bid things way up.). Your tablecloth is so pretty! It is perfect for your Valentine’s table and would also work perfectly for spring or summer!

    1. Sadly, many Goodwill Thrift Stores are moving their better items to auction. Makes it difficult for more modest budgets, like Mie, to compete. Fortunately not every store is like that so there are still bargains out there. I find the thrifting world is becoming more crowded all the time. Appreciate the comments about the table setting. Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day.

  23. Starting with flowers often leads to lovely, creative tablescapes and your Valentine table is sweetly charming. I was particularly drawn to the combination of the tablecloth and the elegant crystal stems etched with vines. Though I’m disappointed that the price of previously loved (or at least appreciated) things have risen in the antique malls and thrift stores, I’m glad to see that they are finding new homes with people who value them.

    1. Hi, Sandra, prices are seriously rising in thrift and consignment stores. I think lots of people are being priced out of this market and occasional buyers find it even harder to pick-up reasonably priced items. However, there are still lovely things to be found and used in new settings. It’s nice to have a tangible link to the past especially if it helps you set a pretty table. Thanks for sharing.

  24. Lynne, your table is beautifully set!!! I imagine you and your husband will have a lovely dinner. So pretty!!! I was glad to feature your post at last week’s Share Your Style #376. <3

    Hope to see you this evening,
    Barb 🙂

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