Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and gives us something to look forward to in February. I put together a couple of quick crafts to get things started. Welcome, Friends, to two very quick Valentine DIY’s.

This first craft begins with a green tin container I picked up recently at the Thrift Store for a couple of dollars. I loved the variegated green color that shows some wear and tear. It fits nicely on the gallery wall adding a splash of color and fun.

In the picture above you are looking down into the container and you can see some hard florist foam that is inserted into the container to fit snugly. Then I took one bunch of pink roses and inserted them in the back of the foam. I bent the stems to fill in the container pulling some to the side and some forward.

Next I inserted pink and red hearts on wooden stems into the foam to fill in some of the spaces and give the bouquet some presence. You can’t see into the container so I didn’t feel the need to add moss or another filler.

Finally, I added a Valentine card to the front of the container securing it with regular scotch tape. The card picks up all the colors in the bouquet and adds another element of fun.

The arrangement looks quite festive and fun.

The arrangement shows up well on the gallery shelves. It took about 15 minutes to put together…fun and easy.

The next craft is also quick and easy. I found some small crowns that had a wire base inside. I added florist foam to that. In the picture above you can see the foam inside the crown.

I added red sparkly hearts on sticks to the foam extending them beyond the top of the crown. Then I added some multi-colored heart lollipops to the arrangement. Next, I’ll fill the base of the crown with some chocolate. This will end up being a favor for a Valentine’s Table for two.

Filled with chocolate kisses the foam is hidden and this is a lovely Valentine’s Day treat.

Two super easy DIY Valentine’s Day crafts for you to try at home. Have a great week!


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  1. Oh those are soo sweet! I absolutely adore the tin decoration!! I’d love to try that out myself, will have to see what I can come up with! If I manage to get creative i’ll tag you (link you?), thanks for the inspiration! 💗

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