It’s January 3rd and we just returned from a few hours of Thrift Store shopping. We found a lot of interesting things…enough to take up two tables worth to share with you. Welcome, Friends, as I share with you the first Thrift Store outing for 2023.

The first thing I’ll share is this reindeer that is displayed outside amidst a grouping of trees (that’s my plan for next year). It’s made from rattan and is covered with battery run lights. This deer is frosted and looks pretty natural. They are quite expensive to buy from Lowe’s or Home Depot but this little deer was only $4.35. I was really excited because I’ve always wanted one for Christmas.

Next was this mid-sized tree in a copper colored holder that will be perfect on a table in the Morning Room next Christmas. It’s actually a cashmere tree with pine cones and berries. It was $3.50. A great price for this size tree.

Next we have three lovely standing silver snowflakes. They are graduated in size. These were actually from the 90% off sale at Hobby Lobby. They were originally $47.99, $42.99 and $38.99. At 90% off they were pretty reasonable and will fit in really well to next year’s theme.

This really nice metal reindeer was in lovely condition. I really liked the simplicity of the outline and the tilt of the head.

Beautiful red pillar candles found their way into my cart along with four sparkly black placemats. The placemats were 37 cents and you can never have enough candles.

These wrought iron candlesticks are quite rustic in design and I think they will be great in a number of settings.

A very large ribbon skein was 75 cents. It is about 1/2″ wide and sparkly gold. the pine brush trees with wooden trunks are a very nice size and are about 75 cents. the last picture is a Hallowe’en witch with a place for a votive candle on the backside of the witch. It made me smile.

his lantern that folds down into itself was a nice find. When the power goes out its nice to have lanterns like this. They give off lots of light and run on batteries. You can even read by the light.

Two nice signs were found for 75 cents each and will make a nice addition to next year’s decor.

Found this fun pillow for $1.50. It’s brand new and will fit in nicely with the pillows I was able to find this year.

A sign in multiple rustic colors saying, Family, was added to the mix of items. I’ll be using this for a Spring display.

A couple of Harvest items joined with everything else and will be used this Fall for display. I’m not quite sure how I’ll work them in but Hubby liked them.

We’re going to Ireland this year and I found a copy of “Lord of the Dance”. It’s sure to get us in the mood as we prepare for our trip. It was still sealed and wrapped in plastic.

The last two items are a Lenox candle holder in the original packaging. Looks as if they had never been opened. The last item is a container that I’m planning to use as a door hanger for a floral display….another project to add to the list.

This was a big haul and a lot to store until later this year. It’s always fun to find things at very large discounts. You do have to have a pretty clear picture of your decor for the next season so you can fill in items as you see them.


9 thoughts on “First Thrift Store Shop in January

  1. Always fun to see your finds, but jealous of your planned trip to Ireland! My dad’s people are from the northern part of Ireland, and that’s on my bucket list. My Panoply sister in Cincy is going in March but will be visiting other areas besides where our roots are.

    1. My Dad’s Family was on the border between Northern and Southern Ireland probably not too far from yours. We’re spending some time in Italy before Ireland. Should be a great trip. Hope you get to visit soon.

  2. Like all of your finds. I’ve not been successful so far this year. May take a few more weeks to find ‘good stuff’. You know I’m not a fan of glitter but the best item in your haul, imho, is the elf pillow. Boy did that item make me chuckle!

    1. the pillow made me laugh as well. It’s quite fun. It seems like you find a lot of things here right after the holiday. The stores were quite bare before Christmas. Maybe people sort through their things before putting them away for the year. What they don’t want for next year goes to the Thrift Store? Thanks for sharing.

  3. What great finds! I envy you opening your storage totes in November and rediscovering all these great finds. I have not have much Christmas luck with GW exc for a bit of their new stuff 50% off, but Big Lots is 75% off here in Maine, and Michael’s was 70% off today–got some frosted pink flowers and changed out the red pointsettias in my milk glass vase on the table!

    1. Opening the storage crates in anticipation of the holidays is really great. You do see all the things from last year that you’ve forgotten about. Good luck with your shopping. Sounds like you already discovered some great buys. Thanks for sharing.

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