Savannah is…a city famous for its historic area divided by picturesque squares and fashioned after the Italian city of Turin. Savannah has wonderful homes situated on beautiful squares and some are open to the public. Many museums chronicle Savannah’s history and preserve her past. Young and old crowd the streets dining in a variety of pubs and restaurants and going on history, ghost and pub crawls. It’s a wonderful city to visit and we recently spent a few days there. Savannah welcomes its visitors with open arms, a place were young and old mingle alongside historical and modern sensibilities. I love to look for examples of quirky art on the streets of Savannah. Above is a phoenix rising from the ashes.

A lion’s head mounted on a wall streams water into a bowl made just for that purpose. He is delightfully sculpted and definitely has some personality.

Here a friendly fish drains water from the eaves of a home. I love the old wall and gate and the brick on which the fish rests…quirky and fun.

Everywhere you see moss draped trees adding eerie backgrounds to commonplace sites. Here a lamp post stands ready to illuminate the scene as night descends casting shadows on the swaying moss.

It’s pleasant to sit in a beautiful square by tinkling water cascading from a fountain and watch the parade of humans and dogs flow by.

Wonderful images line the tree-covered streets as you walk along gathering glimpses of courtyards and hidden spaces.

Museums are host to wonderful Christmas displays. The one above shows two ornaments on a majestic tree. The orbs reflect the scenes around them adding light and graceful images.

Great wrought iron is everywhere in the city in the form of fences and railings and posts of all sorts.

Statues both modern and historic are located all around the squares. Some of them, like the one above, are striking.

At night statues are illuminated and windows offer glimpses into Savannah life.

Horse drawn carriages carry passengers about the historic area while drivers recount the history of the city and it’s wonderful stories and architecture.

We enjoyed our stay in this lovely, historic city. I wish you all a very Merry Holiday and a Happy New Year!


8 thoughts on “A Taste of Savannah

  1. Looks like it was a lovely few days away. I always love looking at others’ vacay pix. I enjoy Laura Child’s books–one of her series in set in Charleston and they visit Savannah occasionally. Have never seen living Spanish moss–altho I use it in my floral arrangements all the time! Hope you had a lovely Christmas!

    1. Charleston is another favorite southern city to visit. Laura Child’s series highlights lots of great sites in Charleston. Enjoy your flower creations. I bet they are beautiful. Happy Holidays!

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